Definition of bolo tie in US English:

bolo tie

(also bola tie)


North American
  • A type of tie consisting of a cord worn around the neck with a large, sliding, ornamental fastening at the throat.

    • ‘A man wearing a roadrunner bolo tie strokes his chin as he stands before Nora's painting.’
    • ‘After that, I'd also like to suggest wearing a bolo tie to your local pub in the hours following.’
    • ‘Each morning elderly men in crewcuts and bolo ties emerge from behind the redundant locks of ranchstyles to run up the flag.’
    • ‘He was sporting an armadillo-shaped bolo tie and a cowboy hat, and he squinted like a B-movie gunslinger.’
    • ‘‘I didn't invite him,’ the former president, wearing a bolo tie, told reporters and parishioners as he entered the church this morning.’
    • ‘This shift from bolo ties to bellybutton rings has cost country music legions of fans, who yearn for new roots-based music without all the production and glitz.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, I don my armadillo bolo tie and head to the stark suburban neighborhood on the south side of Prague.’
    • ‘The mineral has a distinct pink color, and because of its hardness and toughness, it takes an excellent polish; it has long been used in belt buckles and bolo ties.’
    • ‘The gray light gleamed across his silver and turquoise bolo tie.’
    • ‘If Cosby's handlers know what's good for him, he may soon take the stage in cowboy boots and a bolo tie.’
    • ‘In typical rodeo fashion, white-jacketed waiters served longnecks (and more sophisticated drinks) on silver trays while gents in tuxes, bolo ties and Western hats circulated.’
    • ‘Their bolo ties and navy blue blazers ripple, startled, in the breeze.’
    • ‘She wore an ivory dress, he a bolo tie and cowboy boots.’
    • ‘In the world of bolo ties and bow ties, faux flaps and mudflap skirts, that's, well, annoying.’
    • ‘Ducky was her friend with the pompadour and the bolo tie.’
    • ‘Hank lifted his head as two men in black and white cowboy shirts, Stetsons, bolo ties and blue jeans stepped out of a sleek silver pickup.’
    • ‘They are buttoned-down institutionalists; none of them wear bolo ties in court.’
    • ‘Specimens are commercially quarried and are made into bolo ties, earrings, and belt buckles.’
    • ‘He and his band, adorned in gray retro suits and bolo ties, looked like a gang from a Tarantino film.’
    • ‘My dad came in, along with two men in suits and bolo ties.’


bolo tie

/ˈboʊˌloʊ taɪ/