Definition of boldness in US English:



  • 1Willingness to take risks and act innovatively; confidence or courage.

    ‘the boldness and independence that characterized his leadership’
    ‘a president who is showing incredible boldness in going after the cartels’
    • ‘When he resolves to find medical supplies for the village, his boldness threatens to shatter the safety of the commune and change things forever.’
    • ‘It was directed with daring boldness from Steinbeck's dramatic realistic story.’
    • ‘She pours out floods of radiant sound as her character gains in boldness and patriotic zeal.’
    • ‘The political leaderships must show guts and boldness, and must be willing to take political risk for the sake of better long-term achievements.’
    • ‘The actress perfectly captures the boldness and charm of Hepburn.’
    • ‘She was much applauded for her boldness in tackling the unfamiliar Balanchine style.’
    • ‘In 1935, she told a folklorist a story of the legendary outlaw's boldness and daring.’
    • ‘The lack of artillery was made good by the boldness, initiative, and genius of a single individual.’
    • ‘The scale of his boldness as he forced unification on Germany was outside the thinking of 19th-century British cabinets.’
    • ‘With so much determination and boldness from so few and such brave horsemen, they did not dare to wait for the third encounter.’
    1. 1.1dated Confidence to an impudent or presumptuous degree.
      ‘they had the boldness to mock a man who had served his country’
      ‘you will overlook my boldness, I hope’
      • ‘Mother Brigitta found opportunity for various marginal notes, which indicated her displeasure at the boldness of this ill-bred fop.’
      • ‘Despite her wildness, she's actually vulnerable, with her outward boldness hiding a deep insecurity.’
      • ‘I shall try to give no occasion for that, perhaps just reproach of their ill-mannered boldness.’
      • ‘These lyrics have the tipsy boldness of a fabulous drinking song.’
      • ‘It is probable that the boldness of her temper impelled her sometimes to speak unwelcome truths to some of the people concerned in her affairs.’
  • 2The quality of having a strong, vivid, or clear appearance.

    ‘the boldness of the hues are very startling’
    ‘these works display a great boldness of forms’
    • ‘These are shown in the boldness of the batik colors and the directness of the motifs.’
    • ‘The center glyph is the default level of boldness for this font.’
    • ‘It will be modeled on the museum near Copenhagen, which has earned worldwide praise for the boldness of its design.’
    • ‘There is a complex visual interplay between its subtlety and the boldness of the stripes flanking it.’
    • ‘He renders spaces and buildings with disarming boldness: flat earthy tones embrace colonial architectural embellishment and contemporary urban sprawl.’
    • ‘A calligraphic boldness as well as the apparent symbol of enlightenment might indicate Japanese.’
    • ‘In the 1850s, he moved to the greater attention to detail and boldness of color clearly evident in his oil paintings.’
    • ‘Heart-shaped leaves and demure purple flowers belie this ground cover's boldness.’
    • ‘Some critics have complained about the boldness of the colors.’
    • ‘The boldness and visual brilliance that lets posters succeed as ads has been their "albatross."’