Definition of boldly in US English:



  • 1In a confident and courageous way; showing a willingness to take risks.

    ‘you will have our support as long as you fight boldly against corruption’
    ‘we urge the educational community to act boldly’
    • ‘The working class had seized the initiative in 1917 and had boldly conquered political power.’
    • ‘He boldly broke all fetters that hindered his liberty in preaching and in teaching.’
    • ‘As science strode boldly into one arena of knowledge after another, it discredited claims to the infallibility of revelation.’
    • ‘Many philosophers will boldly tell us that we have strayed well beyond the limits of meaningful discourse.’
    • ‘When they go boldly into the wilderness, they ought to carry in their backpacks Thoreau, London, and Tolstoy.’
    • ‘In the postwar years, he built on the social promise of the health center and moved boldly into the field of housing.’
    • ‘In those and other works, he boldly challenged the music world's status quo, and his challenge has resonated through the ensuing decades.’
    • ‘With its frontal perspective, the monumental wave confronts the viewer dead-on, boldly asserting its pure, natural energy.’
    • ‘Each year in the last week of February, he would muster his followers and boldly cross the 40 miles of open water that lies between Toronto and Niagara.’
    • ‘A girl stands on a pink marble slab, her shoulders swung boldly back.’
    1. 1.1dated In a manner that is so confident as to be impudent or presumptuous.
      ‘thieves who boldly robbed the wounded and helpless passengers’
      • ‘A blond woman boldly took a picture of the runner-up in the bathroom.’
      • ‘Chances are you're being boldly cheated out of your precious money.’
      • ‘He boldly abused his position for the sake of illegal insider trading profits.’
      • ‘He would probably be in wrath short of killing us if we so boldly intruded during the celebration.’
      • ‘It was in 1980-something when that fine journalist boldly hijacked the corporate high-flyer's helicopter.’
  • 2In a way that is characterized by having a strong, vivid, or clear appearance.

    ‘I grabbed a couple of boldly patterned fabric samples’
    • ‘She depicts her frail, bewildered-looking mother wrapped in a voluminous, boldly patterned bathrobe.’
    • ‘The work's boldly graphic design centers on the wave's mounting energy.’
    • ‘Fur, fangs, and musculature are all boldly delineated.’
    • ‘They are up to 2 inches long and are boldly marked with yellow stripes on a black body.’
    • ‘These images, however, with their human figures, faces, trees, and other forms boldly outlined in black, seem sturdier and less sentimental.’
    • ‘Each package carries a freshness guarantee with a boldly stamped expiration date.’
    • ‘He was best known for his boldly colored abstract canvases with jagged forms in sometimes dense compositions.’
    • ‘His mother's body is obscured in a boldly printed dress over which she wears a nondescript jacket.’
    • ‘The black fins of the fish are boldly feathered, like thick strokes of Japanese calligraphy.’
    • ‘It is no shrinking violet, rather a boldly exotic bloom.’