Definition of bok choy in English:

bok choy

(also pak choi)


  • Chinese cabbage of a variety with smooth-edged tapering leaves.

    • ‘This summer he's growing a new vegetable called bok choy and three types of sunflowers.’
    • ‘Arrange the bok choy in a rectangular shape on a plate.’
    • ‘Shoppers inspect bunches of lemon grass and bok choy; others pile items like banana sauce, frozen radish cakes, and bottled curry paste into their carts.’
    • ‘The vegetables, a mixture of bok choy, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, were fresh and delicious.’
    • ‘The unfortunate broth has an acrid, bitter tang, and the side of steamed bok choy is unreasonably stringy.’
    • ‘Soft and chewy with an intense filling of baby bok choy and shiitake, these little pillows taste overwhelmingly of the colour green.’
    • ‘Sometimes, if you are on the losing end of a long delivery list, your minestrone might be tepid or your sautéed bok choy soggy.’
    • ‘After the soil warms to 40 degrees, begin planting frost-tolerant greens like arugula, Chinese cabbage, cress, kale, mustard, bok choy and spinach.’
    • ‘Mum had the Fish of the day, served on beetroot and bok choy, with salsa verde.’
    • ‘Calcium can be found in dark, leafy greens such as kale, mustard and collard greens, bok choy, broccoli, beans, and tofu.’
    • ‘Broccoli, spring onions, bean sprouts, celery, onions and bok choy were all pan fried with soy sauce.’
    • ‘The Asian variety has a looser head, and includes bok choy, a favorite in Eastern cooking.’
    • ‘Within a week or so, our conversations about carrots and bok choy progressed onto the demise of his marriage, my formerly broken heart, etc.’
    • ‘More mature greens, such as bok choy, collards, dandelion greens, and kale, need more attention.’
    • ‘This diet suggests daily doses of fresh vegetables, including turnips, mustard greens, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, bok choy, ginger root and sea vegetables.’
    • ‘The bok choy takes about 45 to 50 days from seed to harvest.’
    • ‘I predict squid, bok choy and oyster sauce, followed by rhubarb and custard tart on the menus of Marchmont next year.’
    • ‘For example, almonds, molasses, figs, fortified cereal and bok choy all provide calcium.’
    • ‘Dr. Lee loved to whip up Chinese dishes, using home-grown bok choy, asparagus and snow peas.’
    • ‘If you don't like spinach, try other green vegetables such as beans or bok choy.’


From Chinese ( Cantonese dialect) paâk ts'oì white vegetable.


bok choy

/ˌbäk ˈCHoi/