Definition of boiler room in US English:

boiler room


  • 1A room in a building (typically in the basement) or a compartment in a ship containing a boiler and related heating or steam-generating equipment.

    • ‘The apartment includes a sitting room, study, kitchen, utility, boiler room, two bedrooms, bathroom and separate toilet.’
    • ‘He recalls mourning the untimely deaths of two of his mates who had been stationed in the boiler room as he watched the wreck of the ship returning to Garden Island.’
    • ‘She came to the bathroom, dropped out the trap door, threw open the door, and raced down the corridor towards the boiler room.’
    • ‘The film was written and directed by first-time film-maker Ben Younger, who worked in a boiler room himself and spent four years researching and writing the script.’
    • ‘It is now believed one of the rooms was converted to a bathing room for owner Sir William Cavendish, with a boiler room alongside.’
    • ‘I recall an occasion when I had to crawl through the boiler room and school tunnels to retrieve him!’
    • ‘The wheel was put hard over, causing the first torpedo to miss, but the second struck the forward boiler room, splitting the ship in two and causing her to sink within 15 seconds.’
    • ‘Then on the Friday before the children were due to return to school in January, the heating system pump burst, leaving the boiler room underwater and the main school building with no heating once more.’
    • ‘It is possible that others knew this patient had worked with asbestos in the boiler room of ships and saw this as a possible cause of his illness.’
    • ‘It was laying on the ground under an open window, over on the side of the school where the boiler room is.’
    • ‘Earlier a former colleague of Huntley said he had questioned the caretaker about whether the school boiler room had been searched in the hunt for Holly and Jessica.’
    • ‘There were three bedrooms and a boiler room, where people also slept.’
    • ‘It was discovered that a hole had appeared in the boiler room of the cinema and the corner of the boiler room had collapsed into the hole, affecting the pavement above.’
    • ‘More than 50 people were evacuated yesterday from a North Yorkshire printworks following an explosion in a boiler room which led to part of an industrial estate being cordoned off.’
    • ‘The firm has installed a boiler consisting of 28 components in the new building's boiler room, plus prefabricated pipe-work covering two floors.’
    • ‘It was that bad that there would even be icicles hanging off the fans in the boiler room.’
    • ‘Investigations indicated the fire started from a temporary storehouse at the building's rear adjacent to a boiler room.’
    • ‘Ten minutes later the boiler room was as hot as, well, a boiler room, and fifty minutes later the house had the warm cozy aroma of a Minnesota house in fall.’
    • ‘There were heavy exposures to asbestos dust whilst I worked in the boiler room and engine rooms.’
    • ‘As the story goes the spy was followed to Killarney by Scotland Yard's detectives, but got wind of their arrival and fled through the hotel with a bulky suitcase of documents to the boiler room.’
    1. 1.1 A room used for intensive telephone selling.
      as modifier ‘boiler-room stock salesmen’
      • ‘The authors depicted a high-pressure sales culture that resembled a telemarketing boiler room more than a university admissions office.’
      • ‘Remember that boiler-room operators are well-versed in making you feel utterly inadequate by your lack of knowledge about a particular company or ‘ground-breaking’ product.’
      • ‘In some instances, it's classic boiler-room telemarketing.’
      • ‘You do the deal in the boardroom, but you execute in the boiler room.’
      • ‘He is by far the best salesman in his boiler room.’


boiler room

/ˈbɔɪlər rum/