Definition of boil the billy in US English:

boil the billy


Australian, NZ
  • Make tea.

    ‘they boil the billy for a morning cup of tea’
    • ‘The workman on the building site went to boil the billy.’
    • ‘On returning home they'd boiled the billy and had a good laugh over their endeavours.’
    • ‘I boiled the billy for our hot water bottles and two cups of tea.’
    • ‘In my memory and imagination, I always associate them with many picnics in many places, boiling the billy in their shade, by beach, river, lake, lagoon, or creek.’
    • ‘Whether it's frying fresh fish or boiling the billy, gas cookers seriously enhance the camping experience.’
    • ‘One of our very dedicated volunteers came out, "boiled the billy", and fed us.’
    • ‘He says they stop the train every now and then to point out interesting features on the landscape or to boil the billy.’