Definition of boho in English:



  • informal term for Bohemian
    • ‘Spend too much time with a bunch of would-be bohos bemoaning their chosen lot in life, and you may start to yearn for a simple-minded superhero knockdown fest.’
    • ‘For one thing, it's being held at the Gladstone, that ragged, Romanesque marvel on Queen West, home to bohos and assorted karaoke casualties.’
    • ‘Initially he appears to be a chicken-loving boho.’
    • ‘Maybe bohos ' desire to deflate their own power into an imagined police state is a kind of fetish game where the pleasure derives from breaking out of it, where art has easy power.’
    • ‘But if boho isn't your vibe, you're going to feel silly and icky wearing them, and that's just plain unattractive.’
    • ‘Around the same time, Viennese boho Mia Dime wandered into town with thoughts of forming an all-girl band.’
    • ‘Apparently produced primarily by young adults, it rarely panders to commercial generational stereotypes - no lounging, lip-ringed bohos or faux angry punk rockers.’
    • ‘In fact, it drove the students, artists, bums, bohos and bon-vivants out to the boroughs, and with them the future of fun in NYC.’
    • ‘In November 47 percent of San Francisco's voters wanted him to be mayor, suggesting that at least a few bohos and idealists remain.’
    • ‘The book's cast of characters includes the familiar, with chapters on the likes of Socrates, the transcendentalists, the bohos of Paris' Cabaret Voltaire, the Beats, and Students for a Democratic Society.’
    • ‘The first half is set in the 1970s amongst Dundee's bohos and hobos.’
    • ‘The people living there aren't nearly as annoying as the phony bohos who think a loft apartment and the right hair care products somehow give them street cred.’


  • informal term for bohemian
    • ‘Apparently I have a ‘groovy urban boho life spent cruising bagel shops, watching films in Swahili and listening to music sung in ancient tribal click languages’.’
    • ‘Male model du jour Derek Zoolander is suddenly usurped by boho newcomer Hansel.’
    • ‘Sure, it would look pretty much like Glasgow's boho west end if you mapped it, but that doesn't stop it making Belle And Sebastian a most precious natural resource.’
    • ‘You can be boho sipping lattes in the Village while scribbling in your poetry notebook.’
    • ‘Now Sydney residents can point to the index and say, rightly, that they have the empirical data to prove their boho worth.’
    • ‘They've toured with both The Strokes and The Dandy Warhols, but don't let that fool you into thinking they're into sharp image-manipulation or limp boho affectation.’
    • ‘OK, so it's a musical and we're not expecting anything truly profound, but Larson's boho world pretends to be more than it actually is.’
    • ‘It's sort of got a boho vibe going on, with the loose belts and the cuttings of the cardigans.’
    • ‘It's a few weeks later and we are in boho Chelsea at The Kitchen, a hip Manhattan fringe theatre space, where 18 of Dave and Al's kids are putting on a piece of theatre based on their own lives.’
    • ‘In an irony now so familiar as to be reflexive, young professionals lured by the charm of a boho district wind up crowding out the very nonconformists who gave the neighborhood its character.’
    • ‘I'd prefer my look to be boho, but I'm on a budget.’
    • ‘I hate boho, so I don't want anything floaty or ethnic.’
    • ‘It's like in the '60s, when there were two distinct camps in the boho scene, one of which was Marxist and ideological and political and engaged and humorless to beat the band.’
    • ‘Friends of mine, sweet, boho artist-types, had arranged to turn their Bruntsfield flat into an art gallery for three days.’
    • ‘Yet if the Beat poets, their heroes and disciples provided this boho hobo with a point of departure, her music has been shaped by her travels in the 21st century.’
    • ‘Or maybe the restaurant's glass block windows and boho sign put off potential newbies as they walk past.’
    • ‘When I first heard those tribal rhythms pounding overhead I thought it was kind of cool, kind of boho.’
    • ‘In a reverse of the Pygmalion template, Nicole tries to reshape her boho neighbour into the perfect date.’
    • ‘Tara frowned as she looked down on her tank top and pink boho skirt.’
    • ‘Tucked down in boho Stockbridge, this crimson-walled diner twinkles with candlelight and feels as cosy as a New Orleans bar in a cyclone.’