Definition of Bogomilism in US English:



  • See Bogomil

    • ‘Pop Bogomil Street in Sofia lies close to the intersection of Maria Luiza and Slivnitsa boulevards and bears the name of the priest Bogomil who has left a memorable mark in Bulgarian and world history - as the founder of Bogomilism.’
    • ‘It is also found in the name of the 10 th-century Christian heresy of Bogomilism, after the Bulgarian priest who founded it.’
    • ‘According to its context Bogomilism is a religious heresy, but its content it is a social movement conditioned by the economic and political circumstances in the country where it emerged.’
    • ‘To scholars and students in other fields Bogomilism still offers many unexplored, or half-explored, possibilities.’
    • ‘Few or no remnants of Bogomilism have survived in Bosnia.’