Definition of bog moss in US English:

bog moss


  • another term for peat moss (sense 1)
    • ‘Raised bogs are dominated, in their natural state, by species of bog moss.’
    • ‘Sundew can often be found growing in hummocks of bog moss.’
    • ‘This is very bad news for the wildlife that depends on bog moss.’
    • ‘Dwarf shrubs such as bilberry, common cottongrass and bog moss tend to predominate in these conditions.’
    • ‘The ground layer of the mosses is dominated by lawns of bog moss which form the basic component of peat and which generate localised hummocks of varying shades of yellow, green and red depending on the species.’
    • ‘Clay and glaze recipes from antiquity to present times abound which call for exotic ingredients such as finely sifted beach sand, ash of bog moss, ash of wine lees, etc.’