Definition of Bofors gun in US English:

Bofors gun


  • A type of light antiaircraft gun.

    • ‘The ship's main gun is a 40 mm Bofors gun installed on the upper deck.’
    • ‘The 155-mm Bofors guns and Grad multi-barrel rocket launcher stole the show in the Kargil war, but the Army is already thinking of the next generation of these weapons.’
    • ‘Like the Krupp howitzers and Bofors guns rusting in the courtyard, the labels are curling and yellowing to dust, fading alongside the photos of colonels supervising construction of the museum in the 1960s.’
    • ‘The vessel was armed with twelve 5 inch guns, eight 50-calibre machine guns, 30 Oerlikon anti-aircraft guns and four quad 40 mm Bofors guns.’
    • ‘The Bofors gun was a popular item on the tour with many waiting their turn to manoeuvre it.’


1930s: named after Bofors in Sweden, where it was first manufactured.


Bofors gun

/ˈbōfôrz ˌɡən/