Definition of boff in English:



[WITH OBJECT]North American
  • Have sexual intercourse with (someone)

    • ‘They've split for good, apparently because neither of them could stop boffing anybody they clapped eyes on.’
    • ‘News media outlets around the world are reporting that he boffed a lady against her will and the cops didn't investigate for 3 weeks.’
    • ‘That'll teach her for boffing a him in a swimming pool.’
    • ‘It makes me want to boff redheads and short blondes.’
    • ‘When she's not boffing the mail boy in the photocopier room she's scheming to get him fired.’
    • ‘He encourages his staffers to boff each other's wives, but only after obtaining his permission.’
    • ‘Who does a girl have to boff around here to get into a club?’
    • ‘I've had a number of attractive and nubile young companions, and I must say that thinking about it, I've never actually had any interest in boffing any of them.’
    • ‘There really is no reason why these two shouldn't have started boffing as soon as they met.’
    • ‘Supposedly she was boffing him for four years.’
    • ‘On the story of him boffing his wife, he said ‘I was flattered, but it didn't happen.’’


North American
  • An act of sexual intercourse.

    • ‘Struggling businessman Joe picks up a sweet young thing who suggests he park his convertible on a side road for an open-air boff session.’


1920s (in the sense blow, punch): imitative. The current sense dates from the 1950s.