Definition of boerbull in US English:


(also boerbul)


South African
  • A large dog crossbred from the mastiff and indigenous African dogs.

    • ‘The family, who wished to remain anonymous, had come into contact with the deadly virus after their pet boerbull puppy had been attacked by a stray rabid dog at their Wild Coast home.’
    • ‘I share my house with a boerbull called Clapton and 15 snakes.’
    • ‘Inside their spartan kennels, Scoop, a boerbul, circles frenetically, obsessively pawing at the gate to his pen.’
    • ‘Bella, our young boerbul had just spent 10 days at the vet after having her leg shattered in an altercation with a car.’
    • ‘The terrible death of the boerbull called Boomer has traumatised his owners, who regarded him as a member of the family.’


1960s: Afrikaans, from boer (commonly applied to indigenous plants and animals) + boel, from Dutch bul (as in bulhond ‘mastiff’).