Definition of Boeotian in US English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the Greek region of Boeotia or its inhabitants.

    ‘he was called upon to rescue the Boeotian army when it got into difficulties in Thessaly’
    • ‘The Boeotian league began in the 5th century BC as a political federation under the leadership of Thebes.’
    • ‘He frustrated Thebes' plans for a united Boeotian federation by referring Plataea to Athens for alliance (probably in 519).’
    • ‘It was a Boeotian custom to burn the axle of the cart in which the bride was brought to mark the finality of the migration.’
    • ‘Chaeronea, a small Boeotian city located 31 miles (50 km) north of Thebes, commanded the Cephissus valley.’
    • ‘The Boeotian territories began to produce their own coinage.’
    • ‘The papyrus fragments consistently reflect the Boeotian orthography of the late 3rd cent.’


  • An inhabitant of the Greek region of Boeotia.

    ‘he seems to have been a Boeotian by descent’
    • ‘Then Actaeon, the young Boeotian, spoke to his companions in the hunt as they wandered through the solitary wilds.’
    • ‘Sparta failed to co-ordinate a two-pronged attack on the Boeotians, and Lysander was killed in a Spartan defeat at Haliartus in Boeotia.’
    • ‘But just as Athens had not joined Sparta in revolt in 331, so now Sparta, Arcadia, and the Boeotians offered no support to Athens.’
    • ‘He sent expeditions to Greece, to assist Sparta against the Boeotians.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the Athenians managed to successfully fight off the Boeotians on the Persian side.’
    • ‘My allusions are to Sostratus the Boeotian, whom the Greeks called, and believed to be, Heracles; and more particularly to the philosopher Demonax.’