Definition of boehmite in US English:



  • A crystalline mineral compound composed of aluminum oxide and hydroxide and found in bauxite.

    Chemical formula: AlO(OH)

    • ‘Nonpeptizable boehmites were obtained at hydrolysis ratios at high temperature, leading to boehmite crystallites which condensed to large strongly interconnected polycrystalline fibrils.’
    • ‘If fine particle-size gibbsite was used, the yield of boehmite decreased and the yield of the poorly crystallized phase increased in all the media.’
    • ‘The remaining clay component from the limestone can be further altered by these acids and, over time, it is converted to aluminium oxyhydroxide minerals such as gibbsite, diaspore, and boehmite.’
    • ‘In general, a quasi-crystalline boehmite precursor and an additive are converted to a quasi-crystalline boehmite containing the additive in a homogeneously dispersed state.’
    • ‘The structure of boehmite consists of double layers of oxygen octahedra partially filled with Aluminium cations.’