Definition of bodyboard in US English:



  • A short, light type of surfboard ridden in a prone position.

    • ‘My brother Timmy (third of the six) played on bodyboards for a bit, but realized it was not for him.’
    • ‘Since I was on a bodyboard and he was on a surfboard, he could cover a little more distance.’
    • ‘Eight and a half million Americans are certified scuba divers, and at least an equal number surf, windsurf, bodyboard or surf-kayak.’
    • ‘My feeling is that a lot of older surfers would have much more fun riding bodyboards recreationally rather than struggling along with a longboard in surfer-choked point breaks.’
    • ‘Some very knowledgable people say that most contemporary bodyboards for sale today ride faster when ridden upside down and backwards.’
    • ‘Mr Farline said: ‘When we got there we saw a lady on a bodyboard and we saw a girl to the south of her getting buffeted by the breaking sea.’’
    • ‘If you do surf or bodyboard, I definitely would suggest picking this game up because it's a great way to enjoy the sport when you can't make it out to the beach.’
    • ‘Plus, the hostile climate for bodyboarders over the age of 20, and the relatively dormant state of bodyboards, is providing fuel for the redeveloping interest in surf mats.’
    • ‘Surfers with experience pre-dating bodyboards are starting to re-investigate the limits of flex with custom surfmats.’
    • ‘I happened to have been interviewed for the article, and the e-mail box is already clogging up with a variety of feedback, some of which take me to task for my comment that bodyboards are really revolutionary.’
    • ‘The 36-year-old former centre and trained lifeguard managed to reach the boy and girl who were on bodyboards, and saved them from being swept out to sea by strong rip tide currents.’
    • ‘Instead of my usual bodyboard or kneeboard I've come equipped with a new device: a home-made handboard.’
    • ‘Soft foam bodyboards and hardcore riders made them reality.’
    • ‘Though a bodyboard is slippery, hours of rubbing can cause rashes.’
    • ‘Mr Puri's three children, understood to be under 10, were playing on bodyboards in the Red River, which crosses the beach and flows into the sea.’
    • ‘The way to do this is to go to a surf or bodyboard shop which carries a wide variety of brands and sit down and try them all on.’
    • ‘Of course, this is also where the bodyboard can become an essential piece of surf equipment.’
    • ‘For example, if you've painted the bottom of your bodyboard, take a picture of it and send it in.’
    • ‘David was on a bodyboard, being swept away before Sarah's eyes.’
    • ‘When bodyboards came along in the form of the original Morey Boogie, mats vanished.’