Definition of body wall in US English:

body wall


  • The external surface of an animal body that encloses the body cavity and consists of ectoderm and mesoderm.

    • ‘The part adjacent to the gut is going to form the muscle and connective tissue of the gut, while the part next to the ectoderm will form body wall muscle.’
    • ‘Rather than folding the body against the walls of a channel, they seem to laterally expand a section of the body wall so that it is fixed against the perimeter, while stretching forward with more anterior sections.’
    • ‘The independence of the vertebral column from the body wall makes it possible for the animal to change its total length and average diameter.’
    • ‘The angle between these fibers is approximately 60 degrees when the animal has thrown the vertebral column into S-curves within the body wall.’
    • ‘The similarity is not entirely fortuitous, since both scapula and cleithrum act to stabilize the forelimb against the body wall, while providing a degree of flexibility.’
    • ‘The function of gastralia has generally been associated with mechanical protection of the ventral body wall.’
    • ‘It then secretes vertical partitions which are joined by the outer body wall.’
    • ‘These changes include remarkable stiffening and softening of either the entire animal or localized portions of the body wall.’
    • ‘The hydrostatic skeleton is a fluid-filled cavity in the body wall, supported by a layer of smooth muscle, which holds the animal rigid in much the same way the air inside a balloon holds it rigid.’
    • ‘Catch connective tissue, also called mutable connective tissue, is a dense, white, fibrous material that makes up the dermis, or body wall, of the sea cucumber.’
    • ‘Without more intermediate stages it is, therefore, difficult to see how it can be ancestral to the body wall of acoelomorphs and other bilaterians.’
    • ‘The forelimbs are specialized to form flippers, and the hind limbs and pelvis are extremely small and do not normally extend out of the body wall of the animal.’
    • ‘All molluscs have internal organs surrounded by a body wall that is elaborated ventrally into a single, usually planar foot.’
    • ‘The dart, which is coated by a gland-derived mucus, often penetrates the partner's body wall, transferring some of the mucus to the recipient's hemolymph.’
    • ‘His illustrations also suggest that the central body wall is considerably thinner than the 1 meter stated in the original description.’
    • ‘In addition to other odd characteristics, the anhimids have a layer of air-filled tissue between the skin and the body wall.’
    • ‘Daphnia females posses a brood chamber located between the body wall and dorsal surface of the carapace used to carry their eggs.’
    • ‘Near the body wall but under the epidermal cells are muscle cells; they run in the longitudinal direction only.’
    • ‘In basic organization the system consists of two lateral vessels situated between the digestive tract and body wall joined by anterior and posterior connectives, forming a loop.’
    • ‘A number of ossicular primary series form the body wall.’