Definition of body text in English:

body text


usually the body text
  • The main part of a printed text, excluding items such as headings and footnotes.

    • ‘It makes a nice contrast with the serif fonts we use for body text, and manages to convey both the technical expertise and relative newness of the company.’
    • ‘If certain keyword phrases are important enough that you want your site to be found under them in the search engines, they are certainly important enough to be elegantly incorporated into the body text of your page.’
    • ‘The robots then go on to the body text of the page in the source code.’
    • ‘The lead author, Dr Nick Day, admitted at the press conference that someone had added the misleading heading to the previously agreed body text.’
    • ‘The filename itself may be anything, as may the subject line and body text of the email.’
    • ‘I've always been a margin scribbler, but it was usually to point out spelling errors, errors in grammar, or style I found in the body text.’
    • ‘Large blocks of small text, such as document body text in printed documents, are easier to read if serif fonts are used.’
    • ‘It writes headlines and body text with prospects and customers in mind.’
    • ‘Use body text and headings in place of graphical text.’
    • ‘Let's imagine that we would like a top and bottom margin of one inch for our main body text and a centered page number one-half inch from the bottom of every page.’
    • ‘Subject and body text in infected messages, chosen from a long list, vary substantially.’
    • ‘The body text of the message makes it appear as if the recipient has been caught by the FBI, CIA or BKA browsing 30 illegal sites and asks them to fill in an attached form about this activity.’
    • ‘I hope it wasn't designed with body text in mind.’
    • ‘The contents of the title, headline and body text, however, are variable.’
    • ‘The misspelled and grammatically incorrect body text reads: ‘Want to find your love mates!’’
    • ‘Unusually the body text of infected emails can appear in either English or German as explained here.’
    • ‘No one noticed, or at least no one commented, but by then, of course, most people weren't even reading the body text, never mind the sidebar.’
    • ‘Even stupider is submitting two big Word documents with no body text in the email.’
    • ‘The message will have no subject or body text, only an attachment.’
    • ‘All search engines place emphasis on your body text content.’