Definition of body stocking in English:

body stocking


  • A woman's one-piece undergarment which covers the torso and legs.

    • ‘A clingy body stocking complements a floor-length skirt with a pareo tied at the waist for flair.’
    • ‘Another night Berle came out as Lady Godiva and pranced around in a white, tight-fitting body stocking in front of a white charger.’
    • ‘Beneath it, the arms of a lacy white body stocking were visible.’
    • ‘Since then, it seems to have become the ultimate wish fulfilment of Hollywood's top female stars to appear at least once on screen, in a figure-flattering body stocking.’
    • ‘Connie came out of the bedroom wearing shorts and a halter top over a sleeveless black body stocking.’
    • ‘From now on, in the name of safety, it's a Lycra body stocking and bare feet for me.’
    • ‘At first Monroe wore a body stocking, then discarded it to go au naturel.’
    • ‘He had an extravagant costume: a ten-gallon white hat, black cowboy boots decorated with swastikas and stars, a blue body stocking with yellow stripes, and a patch with Lincoln's silhouette.’
    • ‘I wore a black spandex body stocking, with a reinforced utility vest, and black knee boots.’
    • ‘She doesn't just sell her underwear, though: slips, bras, body stockings, and socks are all hot sellers.’
    • ‘Fresh out of drama school, he played the role of the Earthworm in a theatre production of James and the Giant Peach - squirming atop a vast plastic fruit while dressed in a Lycra body stocking.’
    • ‘Yes, she is gorgeous, and it's fun to watch all those curves in that body stocking.’
    • ‘Over a black body stocking she was wearing a red corset, panties, stockings and boots, along with elbow length red gloves.’
    • ‘‘Well, look there,’ she said as she gestured towards a woman wearing a bowler hat and a blue body stocking.’
    • ‘These people tend to wear full skin-toned body stockings, unitards and whatever in addition to the masks.’
    • ‘Carefully placed fans, well manoeuvred balloons, tassels, pasties and body stockings ensured that the audience seldom saw what they thought they did.’
    • ‘Mrs Bunting, 32, said: ‘The body stocking didn't do me justice at all and the wig didn't come down far enough - we had to stick extra false hair over my front to cover me up.’’
    • ‘Why did the live model have to be naked when a body stocking would have sufficed?’
    • ‘It's de rigueur at games in the Dominican Republic, where women in body stockings dance to recorded merengue music on top of the dugouts.’
    • ‘You can get very daring with the see through body stocking done in see through lace in black or red when you want to buy plus size women's sexy lingerie.’


body stocking

/ˈbɑdi ˌstɑkɪŋ//ˈbädē ˌstäkiNG/