Definition of body shirt in US English:

body shirt


  • 1A close-fitting woman's garment for the upper body that is closed at the crotch.

    • ‘I'll be wearing a pair of mauve and yellow striped flared corduroy jeans, white platform sole shoes, a brown body shirt with white-trimmed large collar - admittedly a tad frayed at the edges - and a pale blue safari suit jacket.’
    • ‘It is an act of worship to the sixties and seventies - to flares and body shirts and all that glitters.’
    • ‘After all, it's 1980 we're talking about here and you know the old saying, ‘If you can remember 1980… you wore a body shirt.’’
    • ‘One late Saturday morning, I was out on our patio eating breakfast when she came out with what appeared to be a body shirt that snapped at the crotch.’
    1. 1.1 A close-fitting blouse or shirt.
      • ‘Fashion also had an impact on hairstyles when men began wearing flares, platform shoes, seersucker trousers, and body shirts and denim came into fashion.’
      • ‘He paired sexy bikinis and halter-top bathing suits with body shirts and other pieces in his signature Deep Sea Treasures print.’
      • ‘If a body shirt worked back then it probably will work for its original purpose today.’