Definition of body scrub in English:

body scrub


  • 1An exfoliating cosmetic preparation applied to the body to cleanse the skin.

    • ‘So far they have introduced several new fragrances and, this week, launched the INI body scrub range.’
    • ‘Before using sea salt body scrub, verify that all papercuts are completely healed.’
    • ‘Get your hands on a good body scrub, and start exfoliating once every three days.’
    • ‘Then you can stock up on cleansing body scrub and incense sticks.’
    • ‘Most natural food stores carry a selection of all-natural body-care products and ingredients, and there are many books with recipes for body scrubs, packs and creams.’
    • ‘Smooth the way for romance with a body scrub that removes dull, dry skin.’
    • ‘Self-heating body scrubs do just that and whisk away the dry, dead skin that interferes with moisture absorption.’
    • ‘Here is a wonderful face and body scrub that will leave your skin very soft because it scrubs off the dead skin cells.’
    • ‘Use this all-over body scrub before bathing to deep-cleanse and loosen surface impurities.’
    • ‘If that's not enough to send you to nirvana, try a Crushed Cabernet body scrub or Pulp Friction massage with fresh grapes.’
    • ‘This company mainly makes little sachets of products such as face-masks, cooling leg and foot treatments, and body scrubs.’
    • ‘Use a body scrub a few days before and after waxing to discourage ingrown hairs.’
    • ‘She was given antibiotics and told she needed to wash regularly with a special antiseptic shampoo and body scrub, and use a nasal spray.’
    • ‘‘We often neglect the skin on our bodies,’ says Evans, who makes sure to give herself an in-shower sloughing with a body scrub (which can get rid of dead skin cells and make skin smooth) every other day.’
    • ‘"OK,’ I said, ‘so what makes a Korean body scrub different from anything I've ever had before?’’
    • ‘The range, which includes shower creme, bath oil and body scrub, offers protection from free radicals, damaging environmental pollution and also combats moisture loss through the creation of a natural hydro-lipid balance.’
    • ‘To make a body scrub, combine a tablespoon each of camomile flowers and lavender flowers, and two tablespoons of oatmeal.’
    • ‘Narrating a typical day in the life, Bateman lathers himself in his white-on-white apartment with body scrubs, exfoliating lotions, moisturizers, and anti-aging balms.’
    • ‘Overloaded with delightfully glitzy touches, the bathhouse isn't cheap, but the $62 cover charge includes a traditional Chinese body scrub and a 90-minute head-and-foot massage.’
    • ‘She scrubbed herself down with the grape-scented body scrub and loofah provided to get rid of the dirt, and after the shower, she sprayed herself with something smelling like vanilla, which she found with her toiletries.’
    1. 1.1 A type of beauty treatment in which the skin is cleaned and exfoliated.
      • ‘In addition to massage, spas offer various body scrubs that remove dead skin and unclog pores, making it easier to sweat out toxins.’
      • ‘What better way to recover from a day on the beach than with a body scrub, manicure, pedicure, facial massage or complete new hairdo.’
      • ‘If you need further relaxation, take a trip up to the spa with its 20-metre pool, steam room and hydrotherapy suite, or pop into one of the private treatment rooms for a massage, body scrub, wrap or a reflexology session.’
      • ‘The girls can choose from hydrojet, balneotherapy, algotherapy, vichyshower, massage, body scrub, brumisation, pressotherapy and cryotherapy.’
      • ‘After a fat-blasting workout, head to the spa for aromatherapy, body scrubs and massage, or unwind with biofeedback, hypnotherapy and reflexology.’
      • ‘The treatment list is comparatively small: a Swedish massage, one facial, one mud wrap, one body scrub, manicure and pedicure.’
      • ‘I'm having an AHA facial and a body scrub and soak in mineral water and milk bath and fruity yogurt mask.’