Definition of body mechanics in US English:

body mechanics

plural noun

  • treated as singular or plural Exercises designed to improve posture, coordination, and stamina.

    • ‘Only some of the materials included information pertaining to relaxation exercise, mobility exercise, good body mechanics, energy conservation, and good posture.’
    • ‘Other VHI collections include strength training, tubing, ball and aquatic exercises, exercise and rehab, stretching, Pilates, hatha yoga, foam roller and a body mechanics resource library.’
    • ‘Occupational therapy should focus on proper body mechanics, and should help the patient return to more normal levels of activity in household chores, work and leisure.’
    • ‘Although there are many causes of low back pain, up to 80 to 90 percent of low back pain has been attributed to improper posture, poor body mechanics and weak or unbalanced musculature.’
    • ‘To prevent recurrent back problems, use good body mechanics, keep your back muscles conditioned with regular exercise and stretching, and control your weight.’
    • ‘To someone who studies martial arts, as I do - who, in fact, studies ways to break arms and dislocate shoulders and separate ribs, who thinks about body mechanics all the time - that story doesn't add up.’
    • ‘Emphasis primarily has been on education and training, with a definite focus on body mechanics.’
    • ‘Nage needs a committed attack in order to understand matters of balance, body mechanics, and energy flow.’
    • ‘People with strong and supple muscles can better maintain good body mechanics and proper posture, which can minimize stress on tendons and nerves.’
    • ‘When nurses complain about their backs, we are told to ‘use proper body mechanics,’ as if to say that we do not follow the proper technique.’
    • ‘With a strong emphasis on kinesiology, the dance degree focused mainly on movement analysis and body mechanics.’
    • ‘This study indicates that use of the proper body mechanics that we were all taught does very little to prevent cumulative or direct back injuries.’
    • ‘The result is a smart (and not overly restrictive) eating plan, and a good explanation of body mechanics.’
    • ‘Just as auto mechanics have computerized tools enabling them to better diagnose what's occurring under the hood, we also have tools to monitor our body mechanics and help us achieve maximum results from our fitness programs.’
    • ‘The beauty of it, he says, is that because it uses the principles of body mechanics you don't need to be fit, young or strong to use it effectively.’
    • ‘Use proper lifting techniques and body mechanics.’
    • ‘In the next class, students were given a review test that included a multiple-choice question regarding body mechanics.’
    • ‘The program included classes in teamwork, leadership, and body mechanics, in addition to necessary training specific to the OR.’
    • ‘Regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and attention to proper body mechanics reduces the chance for injury.’
    • ‘In a review of the literature, the Baptist Medical System Back School notes that research ‘has shown conclusively that exercise and correct body mechanics is the best prevention.’’