Definition of body man in English:

body man


North American
  • A political leader's personal aide or assistant.

    • ‘On NBC's "The West Wing," President Josiah Bartlet treated his body man, Charlie Young, like a son.’
    • ‘During the four years he spent as President Bush's "body man," or personal aide, Blake Gottesman acquired an eclectic set of job skills.’
    • ‘He also admitted that he didn't know exactly what was in those blue boxes with ribbons that his body man, Reggie Love, was toting for world leaders.’
    • ‘First, he is an elitist who has a butler (actually a body man, as any viewer of the West Wing could have told you).’
    • ‘Mr. Love, 26, is Mr. Obama's body man, the personal aide who shadows the senator and anticipates everything he needs and everything he does not need.’
    • ‘As body man, Mr. Gottesman worked closely with Mr. Hagin, gaining an intimate familiarity with the scheduling and advance operations he will now supervise.’
    • ‘At a rally in Charlotte, Barack Obama recently thanked his body man, a 26-year-old former Duke basketball player, whose duties include playing with the senator, and other tasks.’
    • ‘Love, 26, the handsome young "body man" to Obama during the campaign, will be at the president's side for much of the day.’
    • ‘They would say that he was a close associate and a body man for him.’
    • ‘They leave Mallory glancing across the light table at her young assistant, Paul Winter, just out of college but a capable body man.’
    • ‘What a body man does depends on the politician.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the IHT profiles Obama's "body man" Reggie Love.’
    • ‘While his trade was a body man, it was not his habitual trade.’
    • ‘In Berlin, the tabloid Bild sent an attractive blonde reporter to stalk Obama at the Ritz-Carlton gym as he exercised with his body man, Reggie Love.’
    • ‘He is not the first former body man to parlay the job into bigger things.’
    • ‘He sets national strategy, helps write the ads and raise the money, approves every expense and even plays body man at events, clearing Huckabee's way through the crowd.’
    assistant, helper, adviser, right-hand man, attaché, adjutant, deputy, second, second in command, lieutenant, wingman, acolyte, auxiliary, companion, confidante
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