Definition of body color in US English:

body color


  • An opaque pigment.

    • ‘While this is taking place, the gray ‘halo’ around the top of the rear doors is removed and replaced by a body color piece drawn from a rack that feeds directly to the line in sequence.’
    • ‘Full depth, body colour front and rear bumpers differentiate the Fiesta Flair 1.6i.’
    • ‘The large rear license plate holder is body color, not dark gray.’
    • ‘It is the first application of a thermoformed high-gloss body color component on a production vehicle.’
    • ‘Outside, we see plain black plastic for the wheel arches, lower body sides and the deep front valance on the cheaper versions, the same parts painted in body colour for the grander Tucsons.’
    • ‘Owners of the new model will be able to enhance the sporty elegance by choosing the Monotone exterior finish, with all external components painted in body colour, either cheery black, satin silver, smart blue or smoky brown.’
    • ‘The equipment difference extends to fog lamps, a rear spoiler, sunroof, body color mirrors, a leather steering wheel, an AM / FM / 6 - CD sound system, and automatic climate control.’
    • ‘Mirrors, grille surround, side mouldings, rockers and lower fascia are all finished in body colour.’
    • ‘The Limited model adopts more refined styling, with new fender flares and new front bumper and side mouldings, all finished in body colour to retain a sophisticated look.’
    • ‘High mileage or plain body colour combos should see screen prices dip even lower as these factors can put many people off a car.’
    • ‘A chameleon can change its body colour, usually in response to its mood.’
    • ‘You may also replace your bumper with a body color unit with built in lights and billet grille.’
    • ‘All body mouldings, handles and mirrors are finished in the body colour.’
    • ‘A two-tone body colour scheme doesn't do anything bad either.’
    • ‘It was a recipe for eight different shades of body colour.’
    • ‘The highlights are brushed in with white body colour, which gives the rippling musculature a reptilian glint.’
    • ‘The overall body colour is a reddish or olive brown, and there are several dark transverse bands along its length.’