Definition of body check in US English:

body check


  • (in sports, especially ice hockey) a deliberate obstruction of an opponent by placing one's body in the way.

    • ‘He felt the older man's shoulder slam into the small of his back in a body-check that sent the boy flying.’
    • ‘The lone forward skimmed past Iván Helguera with seven minutes go before attracting a ferocious body-check just outside the area from David Albelda.’
    • ‘Keogh's 37th minute body-check on Benny Lawless left referee Ian Stokes with little option but to show him a second yellow and then a red.’
    • ‘Regueiro embarks on a lung-bursting run down the left, but his progress is halted by a nasty body-check.’
    • ‘They should have had a penalty when Ali Russell was left on the floor by Stevenson's body-check in the box.’
    • ‘After all, a body-check is blatant obstruction and should be punished accordingly.’
    • ‘It is also a highly physical sport and body-checks can sometimes see players crashing to the ground without any punishment being meted out by officials.’
    • ‘Firstly, the man in the middle somehow failed to see an off-the-ball body-check by Graham bang in front of him, but the linesman gave the penalty and Ross made it 18-2.’


[with object]
  • Obstruct (a player) with a body check.

    ‘no body-checking is allowed so the pitched battles which often feature in ice hockey are rare’
    • ‘Then Latvia won a free-kick when Verpakovskis was body-checked outside the area by Christian Worns.’
    • ‘Moore started the second very positively and, after being unlucky not to get a decision when he was blatantly body-checked in the area, he brought a fine save out of Sharp with a shot on the turn.’
    • ‘In the midst of this pressure, Lorenzo Amoruso was sent off for a second cautionable offence after body-checking Ronaldo.’
    • ‘How many times have we seen players being body-checked when trying to take a return pass?’
    • ‘With the score at 1-1 thanks to Carl Fletcher's equaliser, Camp denied Marlon Harewood a clear goal-scoring chance by body-checking the West Ham striker just outside the penalty area but Mason showed only a yellow card.’
    • ‘Three minutes after that Unsworth body-checked Robben just outside the penalty box.’
    • ‘I see that body-checking an opponent who is running for a return pass is a sin binning offence.’
    • ‘That's the Aussie Rules version which involves gizzard-ripping, aerial body-checking, gouging and head-butting.’
    • ‘Gaizka exchanges a nice one-two with Morientes before being body-checked on the edge of the area.’
    • ‘In the 13 th minute he was booked for body-checking McGuckin in flight.’
    • ‘The same combination worked eight minutes later after Ian Dawes was blatantly body-checked in the centre by Phil Brazier.’
    • ‘Indeed, Wimbledon should have had a penalty when Russell was body-checked by Stevenson in the area.’
    • ‘Hartley had been firing in dangerous corners and when the home defence allowed the ball to spear through to Peter Macdonald his first header was body-checked and then his follow-up shot saved.’
    • ‘When Derek Adams set about shielding a pass by Jason Dair, Moore attempted to body-check him, but succeeded only in bouncing off the Motherwell midfielder.’
    • ‘With 250m to go, Patty and I decided we wanted to occupy the same bit of road and wound up body-checking like a couple of hockey players.’
    • ‘In women's hockey, there is no body-checking.’
    • ‘Two clatterings of Scott Severin led to the first yellow card and a red followed after Kevin McNaughton was body-checked off the ball.’
    • ‘74-60 down and with seven seconds to go, the Charlotte-born guard, in driving to the basket, was body-checked but no foul was given.’
    • ‘Besides, if I really want to run into people while listening to music, I'd just blast Megadeth in my headphones while body-checking people after writing an exam in the PAC.’
    • ‘Ljungberg has just been cynically body-checked by Pellegrino, leaving Arsenal with a great free-kick opportunity, 25 yards out.’


body check

/ˈbädē ˌCHek/