Definition of bocaccio in US English:



  • An edible rockfish, of particular commercial importance in California.

    Sebastes paucispinis, family Scorpaenidae

    • ‘Vast numbers of rockfish at various life stages, especially widows, yellowtails, and blues, which tend to school in midwater, and some deeper-water species such as yelloweyes, canaries, vermilions, and bocaccios, which are not typically seen near shore.’
    • ‘Scientists generally agree that bocaccio and other rockfish can survive if pulled from depths of 60 feet or less.’
    • ‘These places would offer safe havens where big, prolific bocaccio and other rockfish could breed and spawn.’
    • ‘In the most dramatic example cited, the researchers found that recreational anglers landed 87% of the total Pacific coast bocaccio that year.’
    • ‘These include seafood favorites such as red snapper, red drum, and bocaccio - species already under pressure from commercial fishing.’
    • ‘Meanwhile the bocaccio is near extinction, its fate signaling an ongoing crisis in global commercial fisheries.’
    • ‘Finding out how bocaccios move is a critical piece of information in establishing marine reserves to protect them.’
    • ‘Only ESA listing will ensure that the necessary steps are taken to bring about recovery of the bocaccio.’
    • ‘However, bocaccio will be retained on the candidate species list, and its status will be closely monitored.’
    • ‘The bocaccio is the ‘poster child’ for an overfished species, currently estimated to be 2-4% of their original biomass.’
    • ‘To properly manage this fishery, the age structure and growth characteristics of the bocaccio must be known along with other life history parameters.’
    • ‘For some of the most valuable species like red drum in the south Atlantic, red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico and bocaccio in the Pacific, the number rises to 56%, 59% and 87%, respectively.’


Ultimately from American Spanish bocacho ‘big-mouth(ed)’.