Definition of bobsled in US English:



  • A mechanically steered and braked sled, typically manned by crews of two or four, used for racing down a steep ice-covered run with banked curves.

    British term bobsleigh
    • ‘Like many other bobsled teammates, Jones competed in other sports before crossing over to bobsled.’
    • ‘This is a very vibrant, powerful and angry film offering a view of country that's not all bobsleds and dreadlocks.’
    • ‘Taiwan came in 29th out of 29 finishers in the four-man bobsled event in which Lee was the ‘fifth man.’’
    • ‘Injuries have also been slowing down the Bulgarian bobsled team.’
    • ‘Denny thought Johnson represented the ideal crossover athlete for bobsled, so Johnson began to make the changeover from summer to winter sports’
    • ‘While at Corning, he has worked on both the U.S. Olympic bobsled and the performance of Geoff Bodine's race cars.’
    • ‘Although the idea of success on the world soccer stage for Canada was once as absurd as a Jamaican bobsled team, the girls are proving that they have what it takes, playing on Saturday against the intimidating United States soccer team.’
    • ‘Although existing one-dimensional studies of bobsled dynamics and sled performance are useful, to design a simulator we need to fully characterize the surface of the track and the motion of the sled in three dimensions.’
    • ‘Shea tried bobsled and luge before attempting skeleton.’
    • ‘The Olympic committee said the bobsled association and ‘entrepreneurs or elites in our society’ were supposed to fund the sport and provide a bobsled, uniform and equipment for its Winter Games teams.’
    • ‘Your bobsled seems to jerk around the track and it is very difficult to learn how to properly maneuver your sled down the course.’
    • ‘Like many other bobsled teammates, Sharp comes from a track and field background.’
    • ‘With only two weeks of training on how to push a bobsled, Vonetta (along with her teammate Bonny Warner) broke the world start record in October 2000, at Park City, Utah’
    • ‘Here's an idea to liven up the Winter Olympics: send figure skaters down the bobsled run.’
    • ‘U.S. Women's bobsledder Vonetta Flowers became the first Black woman to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics when she won the inaugural women's bobsled event on this day.’
    • ‘The physical definition lies in a small sled, an extreme athlete and an empty bobsled track.’
    • ‘Opening the rotating glass door, Adrian was unfortunately welcomed by even harsher weather conditions; the wind speed had picked up drastically to forty miles an hour; almost the speed of an Olympic bobsled.’
    • ‘Bakken has been with the women's bobsled team since day one and has been either the top U.S. driver or one of the best ever since.’
    • ‘An even bigger hoot is the 398-yard 10th, with its green far downhill from the landing area, fronted by a squiggly little bobsled run of a bent-grass fairway, curving around a lonesome pine.’
    • ‘In a transformation beyond my primitive understanding of quantum physics, the lump became a high performance bobsled.’
    • ‘An Army Reservist helped the United States end nearly half a century of Olympic frustration for the U.S. men's bobsled team by earning a silver medal during the 2002 Winter Olympics.’
    • ‘Women's bobsled is a medal event for the first time ever in the games, and Canadians Christina Smith and Paula McKenzie are among the medal contenders.’
    • ‘Sports most frequently training in Lake Placid include biathlon, bobsled, figure skating, ice hockey, luge, skiing and speed skating.’
    • ‘But the event I look forward to most is the men's four-man bobsled.’
    • ‘Jill Bakken of the Utah Army National Guard and her civilian partner won the gold medal in the first-ever women's bobsled competition.’
    • ‘All of the racing sports, the skiing and bobsled and speed skating and luge, are exercises in déjà vu.’


  • Ride on a bobsled.

    • ‘Ice axe up above my head, I bobsledded the existing glissade track all the way to the bottom.’
    • ‘For example he's bobsledded against the Sweedish team and played ice hockey with Czechs but the only thing he's ever won is the World Elephant Polo Championships in Nepal.’
    • ‘Sorry, not all of us bobsledded out of our mother's crotch with a Craftsmen tool set strapped to our foreheads.’
    • ‘He has bobsledded at St. Moritz, dined at the pasha's palace at Marrakech, French Morocco.’
    • ‘Tubs was recently featured in a Coca Cola commercial, where he bobsledded with the Jamaican bobsled team.’
    • ‘‘I even bobsledded in Calgary,’ she said, ‘but I was too nervous to go or even watch the Games.’’
    • ‘He played hockey, bobsledded down Browning Street, skated on Lake Temiskaming, and enjoyed playing boyish pranks with his other younger friends.’
    • ‘I didn't want to be on my death bed saying, ‘I wish I had gone to Park City (in Utah) to snow ski or run a marathon or bobsledded.’’
    • ‘He skied and bobsledded on facilities used for the 1952 Winter Games and was steeped in Olympic heroes and feats.’


Mid 19th century (originally denoting a sled made of two short sleds coupled together and used for hauling logs): from bob in the sense ‘short’ + sled.