Definition of bobble-headed in US English:



  • See bobblehead

    • ‘Most of us want to convince ourselves that we aren't surrounded by bobble-headed yes people.’
    • ‘And then she steps down from the podium, hops in to her SUV, guns the engine slickened with Mideast oil, and drives off, leaving the press corps nodding solemnly in her dust like bobble-headed dolls.’
    • ‘But as he so suavely invited you to the dance, you were a tongue-tied, bobble-headed idiot.’
    • ‘Apparently, the Governator is planning on suing an outfit that makes bobbleheaded dolls of him.’
    • ‘Throw in some 70s music, a ton of bad puns, chop-socky humor, cartoony, bobble-headed characters and what you have is Kung Fu Chaos, which may be best described as a solid fighter that likes to party hearty.’