Definition of bobbin lace in US English:

bobbin lace


  • Lace made by hand with thread wound on bobbins.

    • ‘The bobbin lace demonstration was fascinating since I had never considered how it was made.’
    • ‘The techniques used to create this type of hair jewelry resemble those for making bobbin lace.’
    • ‘Here's a little bobbin lace collar I've run up for you.’
    • ‘A quantity of lace includes Chantilly, Brussels, Flemish, Antwerp, and Devon bobbin lace.’
    • ‘There is evidence of the sheer silk called ‘tiffany’ often used for women's hoods, and of bone or bobbin lace, forbidden to common people in sumptuary laws, but displayed lavishly on the waistcoats and petticoats of merchant families.’
    • ‘The exhibition featured bobbin lace, patchwork and quilting, cross stitch, canvas work embroidery, macramé, and even miniature furniture.’
    openwork, lacework, tatting, netting, net, tulle, meshwork, mesh, webbing
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bobbin lace

/ˈbäbin ˌlās/