Definition of boatbuilding in US English:



  • The occupation or industry of building boats.

    • ‘Current boatbuilding methods are highly labor-intensive, so weight and size variations among hulls are fairly common, sometimes leading to quality control problems that consumers find unacceptable.’
    • ‘The author wishes to thank Jim Packham and Bob Westleyfor providing the information about boatbuilding in Kingston.’
    • ‘He added he was delighted to bring boatbuilding back to The Point, which has not seen any since Prout Catamarans closed in January last year.’
    • ‘The method of construction of the 450 Coastal Commander is still best described as a combination of boatbuilding and mobile home technology.’
    • ‘The participants hail from half a dozen states and they are in San Francisco for a week long boatbuilding class.’
    • ‘Its main occupations are fishing and boatbuilding.’
    • ‘The Council is a not-for-profit organization that has developed and updated safety standards for boatbuilding and repair for 50 years.’
    • ‘At Hyde Street Pier, tour ships, enjoy music and craft programs, or try your hand at boatbuilding or knot tying.’
    • ‘Ever since the Prout Factory closed last year there has been no boatbuilding on Canvey which is a real shame as there are a lot of experienced labourers living there.’
    • ‘Not everyone in boatbuilding is an angel, after all!’
    • ‘In Waitakere we celebrate job growth in boatbuilding, vineyards, film making, and our traditional industries.’
    • ‘The boatbuilding industry has been affected but not wiped out.’
    • ‘Jim died in 1968 and Bill retired, bringing to the end an era of boatbuilding which had lasted well over one hundred years.’
    • ‘For example, as so many women worked in jobs such as boatbuilding where promotion and flexibility were allowed in time of war, the artificiality of the horizontal segregation is demonstrated.’
    • ‘Between 12 and 14 apprentices are guided by an instructor through all stages of traditional wooden boatbuilding and they can expect to build three to four boats during their tenure.’
    • ‘As a high-school student, Mr. Senour worked in local boatyards in the summer, where he picked up techniques of boatbuilding and repair.’
    • ‘If developers have their way boatbuilding will go forever.’
    • ‘As it turned out, however, the Coopers' passion for boats didn't translate into the nuts-and-bolts skills needed to keep their boatbuilding business afloat.’
    • ‘Blackistone says that the founders of many boatbuilding companies are reaching retirement age.’
    • ‘In 1772, he abandoned boatbuilding and left for London where, recommended by his teacher's friend Giardini, he joined the orchestra of the King's Theatre.’