Definition of boat shoe in English:

boat shoe


  • A flat canvas or leather shoe with rubber soles to provide good traction on boat decks.

    Also called deck shoe
    • ‘B.C. was great, but I get kinda nervous when too many people are wearing boat shoes and Dockers.’
    • ‘Built with thick soles and comfortable, rich leather, boat shoes are a perfect pick for the summer, spring and fall seasons.’
    • ‘There was also some guy wearing boat shoes, but again, I don't think it was ironic!’
    • ‘If you are so keen on wearing socks, wear sneakers or boat shoes with low-cut socks instead.’
    • ‘Wear them to your next polo match with a polo piqué, a fine pair of khakis and your boat shoes.’
    • ‘The bouncer let the political thriller in (blue jeans, boat shoes and all) without a second glance whilst other patrons were halted at the door and interrogated.’
    • ‘This week you'll find answers to questions on loafers and boat shoes, a wife's attempt to make her husband stylish, what to wear with a three-button navy blue blazer, and styles for men in their 30s and 40s.’
    • ‘Filling his boat shoes is Matthew Brabin, 35, formerly finance and operations manager at Logica UK.’
    • ‘I dearly would like to spend the rest of my life wearing shorts, boat shoes and collared shirt when it's formal and a t-shirt with a round collar and thongs when it's not.’
    • ‘Whatever it does, it works, even on nasty boat shoes I wear in the middle of summer with no socks.’
    • ‘The Ked is a really boring looking sort of Kmart boat shoe that your Mum might wear.’
    • ‘They wore white pants, boat shoes, and red polo shirts with the emblem of the Grand Seclusion Resort.’
    • ‘When I think of those, I think of suburban accountants who are in the Army Reserve and who wear them with a chambray shirt with a white t-shirt underneath and boat shoes.’
    • ‘Remember the video, too; a sun-bleached Simon le Bon in his boat shoes languidly pouting aboard a yacht as he yearns after a skipping model daubed in body paint.’
    • ‘Sure, I played plenty of Rugby Union in my youth for the Epping Rams and for Marsden High but, the whole ‘Nautica Shorts and boat shoes ' culture that surrounds the game in Australia has never really been my thing.’
    • ‘He completed his preppy outfit with a pair of brown boat shoes.’
    • ‘Dapper as ever in jacket, chinos and boat shoes, and looking 20 years younger than he actually is, this time he greets me with warm familiarity.’
    • ‘He hoped his face didn't look as guilty as Al's as he smiled at the sturdily handsome man in khaki pants, an oxford shirt, dark blue boat shoes, and yellow socks with a ring around the top.’
    • ‘It's called growing up and one day the kids at Weir House will have to put aside their boob tubes and their boat shoes and their trust funds and face reality.’
    • ‘Rioli posed the question to administrators from Tiwi Islands, Darwin and the AFL, whose chief executive officer, Wayne Jackson, was watching the match in pleated shorts, boat shoes and a red polo shirt.’