Definition of board of education in English:

board of education


  • A body of officials elected or appointed to oversee a local or statewide school system or systems.

    Compare with school board
    • ‘I had become acquainted with a Portuguese-speaking official at the central board of education who worked with bilingual programs.’
    • ‘And I went to the board of education in Los Angeles and said, can I go into the schools and take kids out of the classroom and put them on a commercial show?’
    • ‘The efforts (and there have not been that many) to diminish evolution or promote creation have been almost exclusively conducted at the state boards of education, not in the legislature.’
    • ‘If in fact those national standards projects could be adopted by state boards of education across all 50 states, then it seems to me that that would be a very sensible way to go.’
    • ‘They can choose from 4 books approved by the state board of education, a highly politicized group that is largely controlled by the religious right.’
    • ‘Student achievement - and community engagement that focuses on fostering achievement - is now recognized nationally as the primary agenda for boards of education.’
    • ‘Read what your Social Studies textbook says on India and Hinduism and write a simple letter or e-mail to the editor and your local board of education.’
    • ‘For church schools to remain at the centre of witness and presence in contemporary society they deserve and will need clear vision and effective pastoral and professional guidance from their diocesan boards of education.’
    • ‘The article provides an overview of the controversy with a nice map of the anti-evolution proposals that have been put forth in this century by state boards of education, state legislatures, and local boards of education.’
    • ‘The federal government has no control over local curricula, and it is not my job to tell states and local boards of education what they should teach in the classroom.’
    • ‘The state board of education will not ban the teaching of historical sciences in general or evolution in particular.’
    • ‘Mandates by state and local boards of education to teach only English in public schools have signaled a resurgence of xenophobic attitudes and policies directed at migrant families and their children.’
    • ‘The superintendent, she said, has already commissioned a committee to study the issue and make a recommendation to the local board of education.’
    • ‘During his time as schools chief, he took on the reform groups, the local school councils, the education schools, the state board of education, and the education research community.’
    • ‘These actions heightened the nature of the environmental press in ways that insured that the changes valued by the local board of education would get through the classroom door.’
    • ‘The ministry thus pits local boards of education, which are financially beholden to the central government, against teachers…’
    • ‘The school district sued the state board of education and the other state bodies that had a hand in scheduling the vote.’
    • ‘Since state adoptions, particularly in Texas and California, are crucial to educational publishers, the state boards of education in those states exercise exaggerated power.’
    • ‘The local board of education refused to admit her.’
    • ‘This increasingly negative spotlight in many school systems makes it more difficult to recruit good superintendents and tougher to interest community leaders in serving on boards of education.’