Definition of board certification in US English:

board certification


  • The process of examining and certifying the qualifications of a physician or other professional by a board of specialists in the field.

    • ‘However, restrictions on office procedures based on requirements for office accreditation, board certification or hospital privileges do not appear to be related to significantly fewer adverse incidents.’
    • ‘You should ask your surgeon about his/her training and their board certification and what specialty it is in.’
    • ‘Although board certification is not the only measure of professional competence, it indicates that the doctor has completed the necessary education and experience to bear this distinction.’
    • ‘To understand the prior training of our physician members, we asked about primary and secondary board certification.’
    • ‘The family practice program gained full accreditation in 1974, although graduates were eligible for board certification as early as 1971.’
    • ‘And although it's a long shot, Anders said, it would be nice to reduce the total amount of time it takes to get board certification as a child psychiatrist.’
    • ‘One hundred sixteen of 169 laboratories reported employing pathologists with subspecialty board certification in cytopathology.’
    • ‘Sleep disorders are common and a large fraction of pulmonologists have acquired or are seeking board certification in sleep disorders.’
    • ‘We obtained other data on the doctors, such as specialty, years in practice, and board certification from public records.’
    • ‘Sleep medicine is also a relatively new field of study, with a board certification first offered in 1978.’
    • ‘You certainly don't have to be a good doctor to be surgeon general, presuming board certification makes you one, which it doesn't.’
    • ‘In the past, maintaining board certification meant taking 50 hours of continuing medical education courses each year and passing a day-long test every seven years.’
    • ‘Several of the faculty clinicians are experts in the field of neonatal medicine with board certification in either Emergency & Critical Care or Equine Medicine.’
    • ‘And to attest to this proficiency, a board examination is offered and board certification awarded.’
    • ‘As the practice of medicine matured, the various subdisciplines within it began to clean their own houses, beginning with the ophthalmologists, the first doctors to establish specialized board certification.’
    • ‘If one is planning to practice both psychiatry and neurology, dual board certification is important for inclusion on managed-care panels and may be a prerequisite for dual hospital privileges.’
    • ‘Colleges and schools should encourage residency training, board certification, and membership in professional associations.’
    • ‘In 1975, there was a closed meeting on the development of critical care board certification.’
    • ‘Institutions should consider raising the standards for new faculty by encouraging (if not requiring) specialty residency training prior to beginning employment and board certification within five years of initial appointment.’
    • ‘Additionally, plastic surgeons say that only they are qualified to do such work, given that they have endured seven-year residency programs to gain board certification.’