Definition of blurry in US English:



  • 1Not clearly or distinctly visible or audible.

    ‘video projectors provided extremely blurry images’
    • ‘In the orbital shots, gorgeously blurry color effects swirl around the axis of his body.’
    • ‘About two-thirds the way through the opening credits, the screen fills with a blurry, strangely soft image.’
    • ‘The black-and-white photography is often overexposed and a little blurry.’
    • ‘Some of the scenes reinserted into the film are blurry.’
    • ‘Within the flat, perfectly even strata, the drawn lines appear blurrier the deeper they lie.’
    • ‘Many artists love early machinery, old movie projectors, blurry pieces of film.’
    • ‘The resulting images show a huge, blurry, white sun dotted with small, indistinct black discs.’
    • ‘Some scenes are grainy, and some background images are blurry.’
    • ‘Above a slab of white wall, the edge of a window reveals a sliver of blurry blue-green foliage.’
    • ‘In the upper right corner, a transparent, blurry patch of white suggests mist.’
    1. 1.1 Unable to perceive clear or sharp images.
      ‘vision may be hazy or blurry for a few days after surgery’
      ‘their eyes were blurry with tears’
      • ‘I'm blurry as I parachute to a spot near the mansion, but feel better once I hit the ground.’
      • ‘He burst across the line and staggered to a halt, eyesight blurry, reeling as people surrounded him.’
      • ‘If your eyes go all blurry at the very thought of reading about it, all I can do is encourage you to persevere.’
      • ‘Many of the symptoms, such as fatigue, weight loss, irritability, and blurry vision are often overlooked.’
      • ‘My eyes get blurry, and I get double vision.’
    2. 1.2 Perceived or remembered indistinctly.
      ‘there's a very blurry line between art and advertising’
      ‘my memories of him are blurry at best’
      • ‘With children, the line between morality and simple comfort is blurry.’
      • ‘The lines between showbiz and politics keep getting blurrier and blurrier.’
      • ‘The line between dreams, memories, and lived reality is very blurry.’
      • ‘The main characters' intentions become more and more blurry and less and less trustworthy.’
      • ‘The lines between law and war are much more blurry than they were in 1949.’
      • ‘Make sure the supporting details are complicated and blurry enough to prevent easy refutation.’
      • ‘In these casually snapped photographs, the boundaries between art and life, like the images themselves, can be blurry.’
      • ‘These entities suggest an unusually blurry line between the realms of state and society.’
      • ‘At the moment, the difference between public and private is very blurry in Holland.’
      • ‘The whole story loses its traction, beginning with blurry confusion in keeping track of all the different characters.’