Definition of bluntly in US English:



  • In an uncompromisingly forthright way.

    ‘a colleague bluntly told him that he had no business asking for the status report’
    ‘to put it bluntly, investors are suffering from a crisis’
    • ‘This is a charge that the Sun columnist has been bluntly hammering him with day in and day out.’
    • ‘I can say it no more bluntly than that.’
    • ‘The committee bluntly rejected busing the higher classes to Amherst for a number of reasons.’
    • ‘He bluntly admits that their model for integration has failed.’
    • ‘I hear on the grapevine that she was asked to reduce her invoice and bluntly refused.’
    • ‘He says bluntly that he seeks to shrink government to the size where he can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.’
    • ‘The audience stood up and applauded him as, in his usual style, he made the point bluntly and undiplomatically.’
    • ‘Putting it bluntly, people generally try to avoid change.’
    • ‘It's now time for us to speak bluntly about their efforts—these people are nuts!’
    • ‘"I'm staying here," he replied bluntly as he continued up the stairs.’