Definition of blunderer in US English:



  • See blunder

    • ‘Well, he's still there - and, no matter what this serial blunderer does, he will stay put as long as the people are not given a choice in the matter.’
    • ‘Whether you feel that he's a plain thief, or simply a monumental blunderer, none of that matters.’
    • ‘Any objective observer must report that the universe, if it is the product of conscious design, is clear proof that the designer is incompetent, a blunderer, an all-thumbs amateur who should not be allowed back into the workshop.’
    • ‘Although blunderers aren't condemned for their blundering, and criminals aren't arraigned for their crimes, the evidence which might have condemned them is diligently recorded.’
    • ‘There is a third possibility, which has been under-considered: that they are, quite simply, blunderers.’