Definition of bluethroat in US English:



  • A small, lively thrush found in northern Eurasia and Alaska. The male has a blue throat with a reddish spot in the center.

    Luscinia svecica, subfamily Turdinae, family Muscicapidae

    • ‘Furthermore, in bluethroats, European starlings, and blue tits female choice for males with greater UV reflectance appears to favor structural plumage traits.’
    • ‘In many passerine species, including bluethroats, male removal results in an overall reduction in food supply.’
    • ‘The fact that the lost and wandering bluethroat could thrill a nation's newspaper readers is a perfect example of hope.’
    • ‘A lost waif and stray of extraordinary beauty turned up in Aberdeen and made the front page of two national newspapers: a bluethroat looking enchantingly like a robin that had been coloured in wrong.’
    • ‘Wagtails and sandpipers squeak and dart amongst the thick glossy hyacinth leaves, and at the muddy edges, bluethroats scuttle this way and that like mice.’