Definition of blue whale in US English:

blue whale


  • A migratory, mottled bluish-gray rorqual, found in all oceans of the world. Known to grow as long as 110 feet (33 m) and weigh as much as 150 tons (136,000 kg), it is the largest animal ever to inhabit the earth.

    Balaenoptera musculus, family Balaenopteridae

    • ‘The gestation period is about 11 months, considered short for an animal the size of the blue whale.’
    • ‘Those known to visit British waters include the humpback, fin, sei and giant blue whales; and, at the other end of the size scale, the little minke or piked whale.’
    • ‘If you look at dolphins, orcas, and blue whales, all fully aquatic animals, you would have a hard time imagining them walking on land.’
    • ‘The 94-foot female - the largest model of the largest animal on Earth - has been modified to reflect current scientific knowledge of living blue whales.’
    • ‘A one-second old baby blue whale is much bigger than a one-second old human being, but they are the same age.’
    • ‘Every few years, gray whales and blue whales wash ashore on the California coast.’
    • ‘But there are still question marks over the future of populations of other species, including blue whales and bowhead whales, both hunted to the verge of extinction.’
    • ‘Now, when you come into the hall and see this beautiful animal you'll not only learn about blue whales, and whales in general but also about work being done in whale conservation throughout the globe.’
    • ‘This group includes the largest animal ever, the blue whale.’
    • ‘The proposal appears to apply in principle to virtually any species except bowheads and blue whales, though in practice I think the government is more interested in assessing stocks of fins, humpbacks, pilot whales and several dolphins.’
    • ‘Francois (the DJ who is on in the morning) pointed out that the baby blue whale was twenty five feet long and weighed six to eight tons when it was born, and he said that the baby whale drank about 200 gals. of milk daily!’
    • ‘Hybrids occur everywhere scientists look, from blue whales (which mix with fin whales) to the finches and iguanas on Darwin's Galapagos Islands.’
    • ‘I've seen blue whales and killer whales on several occasions at this point.’
    • ‘Despite being perhaps the largest animal ever to have lived on Earth, the blue whale's low numbers, elusive nature and tendency not to follow consistent migration paths make it difficult to study.’
    • ‘Along with the fin whale, it is second in size to the blue whale, the largest animal on Earth.’
    • ‘This group includes the blue whale, the largest animal ever to inhabit the planet.’
    • ‘The haunting call of the blue whale is the most intense of any animal alive.’
    • ‘Between May and October, 40 ft sperm whales can be seen off the coast of these pristine volcanic islands, along with thousands of dolphins and - if you're lucky - humpbacks, pilot whales and blue whales.’
    • ‘Irish waters are at least seasonally home to an impressive 24 species, ranging from the tiny harbour porpoise to the giant blue whales.’
    • ‘The tiger, the rhinoceros, the blue whale and the giant panda - familiar endangered species, their numbers now so small they seem destined for extinction and could soon vanish from the Earth.’


blue whale

/ˌblo͞o ˈ(h)wāl//ˌblu ˈ(h)weɪl/