Definition of blue state in US English:

blue state


  • A US state that predominantly votes for or supports the Democratic Party.

    Compare with red state
    • ‘Only one blue state, California, has gained electoral votes since 2000.’
    • ‘You can be as active, as knowledgable, and as engaged about the candidates' strategies in a red or blue state as in a purple one.’
    • ‘That was eight years before that blue state became the only one in the union to recognize marriage equality.’
    • ‘It would be hard for Democrats to oppose a popular judge from a swing blue state.’
    • ‘And part of the reason is, we were just talking about people - David was talking earlier about people in the blue states who feel like they're living in a different country.’
    • ‘Indeed, during the 1990s voters in two very blue states, California and Washington, passed anti-preference referenda.’
    • ‘Red state or blue state, the American people strongly support fairness.’
    • ‘It's also - while thinking of non red/blue ways to classify the country, like city/country - amazing how blue the blue states are.’
    • ‘Another blue state, Michigan, resulted in very similar numbers.’
    • ‘It feels like the administration is pulling the plug and will only grudgingly spend anything in a few years to deorbit Hubble safely rather than let it crash to earth, say, in some blue state, perhaps onto the Boston Common.’
    • ‘In the 19 blue states, he gained an average of 3.0 percentage points.’
    • ‘Fair enough: it's quite true that urban Democratic blue states trend richer and more prosperous than rural Republican red states.’
    • ‘Most polls show the presidential race tightening up again, and maps of red and blue states look like battle lines for a new civil war: The Coast vs. The Heartland.’
    • ‘Our country is clearly divided between those places that resist and hate change and those places that embrace it: the red states versus the blue states.’
    • ‘This may leave the blue states bluer than ever, but not very pleasant places to live if their most industrious, motivated citizens are loading up one-way U-Hauls.’
    • ‘A couple of people have pointed me to the supposed list of IQs by state, which purportedly shows that nearly all the blue states have higher than average IQs, and most of the red states have lower.’
    • ‘I have always lived in those lovely little blue states and now I'm back here in a red state wonderland that's seems to be turning a nice shade of purple.’
    • ‘That may not seem like a lot, sir, but the 300 or so people who'll die prematurely from those pollutants are from Michigan - one of your precious blue states.’
    • ‘The south today has forty percent that votes with the blue states in national elections.’
    • ‘Other blue states returned surprising increases as well.’


From the typical color used to represent the Democratic Party on maps during elections.