Definition of blue rinse in US English:

blue rinse


  • A preparation used as a rinse on gray or white hair intended to make it look more silver.

    • ‘Also, as an icon - all matinee hats, blue rinses and chintzy dresses - she helped her increasingly dysfunctional family when the going got tough.’
    • ‘Are you by any chance a rather striking, long legged woman who wears glasses and has just had a blue rinse?’
    • ‘For the famous Greenham Common demo a group of us borrowed clothes and had temporary blue rinses done to look older.’
    • ‘Sporting blue rinses and headscarfs they are hungry for butter.’
    • ‘She had kind eyes, a gentle face and a blue rinse.’
    • ‘She mouthed something I was to young and innocent to understand and she drove off in a cloud of blue smoke, blue rinse and bluer language as she took a friendly greeting to be a stranger's criticism of her driving.’
    • ‘True, we may be some time away from sporting a blue rinse and our slippers in the street.’
    • ‘With the possible exception of an old tube of blue rinse, their cupboard is bare.’
    • ‘The flight of young families to the outer suburbs left a distinct tinge of blue-rinse in the streets around Gunn Reserve.’
    • ‘Looking down to the left, the blue rinses and bald heads of the dancers glint under the lights.’
    • ‘The towelled brigade was running from door to door in hope of avoiding the rain in order to get the perfect blue rinse or perm.’
    • ‘I see no evidence of a blue rinse, wrinkly brown stockings, big grey bloomers or a bus pass, if that's any help.’
    • ‘A patriotic portrait of the Queen has gained the Royal seal of approval - despite showing Her Majesty complete with a blue rinse.’
    • ‘And in fact, I've talked to hairdressers about this and they are told no, no, it still looks yellow, put more blue in, and in fact, they see it as grey, we see it as blue, so that's the origin of the blue rinse.’
    • ‘It is an older crowd, lots of comb-over hairdos among the men, a fair share of blue rinse among the women.’
    • ‘Imagine him with a blue-rinse and you'll understand why my wife screamed in fright and the creature began to cry in terror.’
    • ‘Am I sorry for the little old ladies with the blue rinses?’
    • ‘These are normally special places where nature waves the white flag, and predators become grannies waiting for their blue rinse.’
    • ‘Looking around me, I realised that the last time I'd shared a room with so many thick spectacles, pearl necklaces and blue rinses was at my grandmother's funeral.’
    • ‘He sounds like a sour old baby boomer with a blue rinse.’


blue-rinse" or "blue-rinsed
informal, derogatory
  • attributive Relating to elderly and conservative women.

    ‘the blue-rinse brigade’


blue rinse

/blo͞o rins/