Definition of blue ice in US English:

blue ice


  • Clean, dense ice of a vivid blue color, formed in glaciers by the recrystallization of snow.

    • ‘Patches of freshly fallen snow were pleasantly smooth to sledge over, but each time we hit the jagged surface of the solid blue ice of the glacier the sledges would lose control as the winds made them drift and sway behind the skidoos.’
    • ‘His eyes were like blue ice, and a long scar ran over one of them.’
    • ‘The Darwin Glacier was hard, jagged blue ice with no snow cover for most of the journey.’
    • ‘They also are saying now that behind the crater, this sort of horseshoe crater, there's a glacier area, and they've seen some cracking, some cracking that has even shown some blue ice.’
    • ‘He and I briefly considered the West Rib or the Messner Couloir, but both had two feet of avalanche-prone windslab over blue ice.’
    • ‘The compressed blue ice which is visible deep inside an Alpine crevasse will have fallen as snow several decades earlier.’
    • ‘Sunlight glistened off the exposed expanses of blue ice on the glaciers.’
    • ‘As the glacier gathers speed on the steeper sides of the mountain, it contorts and breaks, forming gnarled canyons and crevices of blue ice which are both beautiful and lethal.’
    • ‘There was no more hint of the blue ice that had stung so badly the night before.’
    • ‘She certainly was stunning, with hair so blonde it was almost white and eyes the colour of blue ice.’
    • ‘But she also delights in the surprises that life brings - the beauty of the melting blue ice in springtime, the silence in which you can hear birds fly, the warmth of people's friendship and generosity.’
    • ‘A sighted person is looking for blue ice, healthy ice, instead of white, rotten ice.’
    • ‘We're now at a spectacular mossy overview above Loudwater Cove across an open channel from the blue ice of the Marr Glacier.’
    • ‘Plains of cold blue ice stretch out before me as far as the human eye can see.’
    • ‘In the center of the glacier I entered a maze of slot canyons made of pale blue ice.’
    • ‘With moderate sidecuts and respectable torsional rigidity, mid-fats are ideal for carving round turns on fairly hard surfaces - not that blue ice favored by racers, but hard snow.’
    • ‘We land in the middle of Long Fjord and walk across the blue ice to a colony of grey slug-like Weddell seals sunbaking with their pups.’
    • ‘The lane is streaked with curvilinear snow, in places trodden into blue ice.’
    • ‘Above the icicle I find that the virgin blue ice, which looks ideal, is actually fickle and dangerous, tending to fracture wildly.’
    • ‘I walked down to the blue ice and found that the freshly fallen snow was now over 30 centimeters deep in places.’