Definition of blue dog Democrat in US English:

blue dog Democrat


  • (in the US) a Democrat from a southern state who has a conservative voting record.

    • ‘He is very different from the everyday, average potential suspect in a case, because as a blue dog Democrat colleague of his, said today: ‘His conduct is disgraceful to himself, his family and his constituents.’’
    • ‘They cannot make the mistake that was made, I think, in the Senate, where they literally got the conservative blue dog Democrats to lead the opposition.’
    • ‘He rarely misses a chance to tell voters he's a Blue Dog Democrat--among the most conservative in Congress.’
    • ‘I mean, they're all pretty far to the left, and that's the reason that she won, and that's the reason that he was completely trounced, along with a very few blue dog Democrats.’
    • ‘But when the Committee passed their tax cut this week, it was strictly along party lines, no Democrats, no blue dog Democrats, no conservative Democrats, no moderate Democrats joined the Republican majority.’


From the name of a coalition of Southern Democrats in the US Congress formed in 1995. Their name alludes to an older term, “yellow dog Democrat,” for a party loyalist who allegedly “would vote for a yellow dog if it were on the ballot as a Democrat.”.