Definition of blue-pencil in English:



  • Edit or make cuts in (a manuscript, movie, or other work)

    • ‘Before the web, when writing that became publicly available had first to pass under the watchful eye of a sub-editor, such formations would have been blue-pencilled into conventional forms.’
    • ‘Also, true excellence in writing will be quickly blue-penciled into oblivion.’
    • ‘I've been blue-pencilled by madmen, seriously deranged obsessives and fiends in human shape before now.’
    • ‘We are still in the ethereal realm of speculation: if the manuscripts of the author's novels have been preserved with the editor's blue-pencilling, they will make for an interesting study.’
    • ‘This notion of ‘invisible letters,’ in turn blue-penciled in revision, makes all the more telling the poet's deletion of the phrase that identified the cryptic ‘N.C.’ of his dedication as ‘our long old love’.’
    delete, cross out, cross through, strike out, score out, scratch out, cancel, put a line through, ink out, edit out, blank out
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