Definition of blowout preventer in US English:

blowout preventer


  • A heavy valve or assembly of valves fitted at the top of an oil well during drilling and closed in the event of a blowout.

    • ‘They will do that to raise the blowout preventer which officials say is key to help determine what caused the gulf oil disaster.’
    • ‘The safety of oil drilling depends on the reliability of a blowout preventer.’
    • ‘It's supposed to trigger the blowout preventer to shut the well.’
    • ‘But on April 20th, the blowout preventer simply did not work.’
    • ‘We also have an option now available to us to actually put a valve or new blowout preventer on top of the existing one.’
    • ‘More than six weeks after BP's ruptured well was capped, crews today began removing the blowout preventer.’
    • ‘The blowout preventer will probably make it to the surface.’
    • ‘The work should not affect a second system that is collecting 8,000 to 9,000 barrels a day from a pipe lower on the blowout preventer.’
    • ‘You may have been the first person to detect a problem with that blowout preventer.’
    • ‘Engineers will remove a cap and install a new blowout preventer.’
    • ‘Crews are set to remove the temporary cap today so they can replace the blowout preventer, then seal the well once and for all.’
    • ‘The report attributes the failure of the blowout preventer mostly to maintenance issues that would have been the fault of companies other than BP.’
    • ‘On top we have the blowout preventer from the original event with the capping stack on top of that.’
    • ‘There is now an ROV in the water 24/7, keeping careful watch over the relief well's blowout preventer.’