Definition of blow up in one's face in US English:

blow up in one's face


  • (of an action, project, or situation) go drastically wrong with damaging effects to oneself.

    • ‘Last time, you followed all the rules and the situation still blew up in your face.’
    • ‘If you try to apply this to unknown or little-known customers, though, it can blow up in your face.’
    • ‘It's useful stuff if you know how to use it, but if you don't, it has a habit of blowing up in your face.’
    • ‘I have written a hundred articles proclaiming my faith in the Project, while the cynics said it would all blow up in my face.’
    • ‘You never know if any of it's gonna blow up in your face.’
    • ‘You got so tired of nearly every risk-taking venture blowing up in your face that you've pretty much stopped attempting anything the least bit chancy.’
    • ‘I thought it would be just a little weekend project, but it blew up in my face, and I still haven't finished!’
    • ‘But if you don't do basic research it can blow up in your face.’
    • ‘Even if you tried to get something done properly, it seemed to blow up in your face and then gently mock you for not being able to finish the simplest of things.’
    • ‘Our troops have been placed in an impossible situation by a blundering leadership that laughed off the warning signs and friendly advice for a year until the situation blew up in their face.’
    • ‘The wrong attack, at the wrong time, can easily blow up in your face.’
    • ‘Eventually Dana's situation was going to blow up in her face whether Caysee said anything or not.’
    • ‘Smear your critics, and when that blows up in your face, throw rationality overboard and smear them some more.’
    • ‘But if the secret itself is a massive publicity stunt, well then the whole thing just blows up in your face.’
    • ‘They cried and had to face the hard truth that with believing in anything comes the risk of watching it all blow up in your face.’
    • ‘I know I shouldn't act on anything; it could mean I am prevented from visiting that gym again if it all blows up in my face.’
    • ‘We have always been one bad result away from it blowing up in our face.’
    • ‘She was clearly upset, and Krist attempted to rectify the damage before it blew up in his face.’
    • ‘Maybe it only blows up in your face if you mock your opponents deformities.’
    • ‘Or do I throw whatever my initial reaction is and risk looking like an idiot when it all blows up in my face?’