Definition of blow someone a kiss in US English:

blow someone a kiss


  • Kiss the tips of one's fingers then blow across them toward someone as a gesture of affection.

    • ‘He'd get up 5: 00 in the morning and come home 10: 00 at night and still come in and give us a kiss and still, on the phone, he blows me a kiss.’
    • ‘Mrs. Forder blew Lizzie a kiss from the doorway, and clicked off the light.’
    • ‘Then she smiles, blows me a kiss, turns and walks off the stage.’
    • ‘Paret blew him a kiss as he walked back to his corner.’
    • ‘Toby glanced over to see men staring at them, one man noticing Toby looking towards him blew her a kiss.’
    • ‘I smiled and blew her a kiss as I headed towards the kitchen in search of something to satisfy my hunger.’
    • ‘She waves a wistful goodbye to him and blows him a kiss.’
    • ‘I then turned towards Mike's casket and blew him a kiss.’
    • ‘A man in a chair that holds his head in a brace, turns to me, lifts a hand and blows me a kiss.’
    • ‘She blows Pac a kiss, winks at me, and walks back in.’
    • ‘Kathy smiled out at him, playfully blowing him a kiss before she drove off towards home.’
    • ‘Freya blew him a kiss and icy air glittered towards him.’
    • ‘I shrugged, then just as Mothers car is pulling out into traffic, little girl waves and blows me a kiss, which made me smile.’
    • ‘Apparently it had gone well; she blew him a kiss.’
    • ‘Her fingers flickering in a wave, Fara smirked and blew him a kiss, then gestured for him to go, her wrists bent in a ‘shooing’ motion.’
    • ‘I walked into the building with him and as we rounded the corner towards his classroom, he waved good-bye and blew me a kiss.’
    • ‘But she just blows them a kiss and licks the froth from the mouth of the bottle.’
    • ‘Kris lifted a spirit finger, blowing Mikey a kiss before waving as Lena turned in the opposite direction.’
    • ‘She blew me a kiss goodnight tonight, and she enjoys my weirdo stories.’
    • ‘‘You know,’ he says with a smile as he turns his head back at me and suddenly blows me a kiss that throws my irritation in the garbage with the homework I had been doing.’