Definition of blow over in US English:

blow over

phrasal verb

  • (of trouble) fade away without serious consequences.

    • ‘You can just imagine the Oxbridge types in cardigans praying this whole ghastly fad would soon blow over.’
    • ‘We've gotta keep our heads until this peace craze blows over.’
    • ‘They want to hear that it will blow over, pass, will get better once they become an adult and escape their parents.’
    • ‘My advice old boy is ignore them - this fuss will blow over soon enough, and you are far too valuable a part of the political and journalistic world to quit.’
    • ‘My client is not prepared to simply let the matter blow over.’
    • ‘I just hope it all just blows over for them both.’
    • ‘I know this will probably blow over soon enough but it was not right for her to do this.’
    • ‘Best bet: The whole thing blows over by Thursday.’
    • ‘For the rest of lunch we waked around the courtyard and I saw that people were staring at me because of the thing with Lachlan but I knew that it would soon blow over.’
    • ‘I hope this stuff blows over soon and all but other than support, there's not much i can say.’
    • ‘Yup, this domesticity lark will blow over soon.’
    • ‘When April told me that she had a small crush on him, I thought that it would just blow over soon, but then he asked her out.’
    • ‘The current furor and ruckus over the temple site will soon blow over.’
    • ‘This will all blow over soon, and then I'll be back to normal.’
    • ‘The match referee got security involved, and it soon blew over.’
    • ‘Often, just taking time to cool can help a conflict blow over.’
    • ‘Yes that is a promise, we'll go away after all of this blows over, and have serious quality time.’
    • ‘So I said nothing, hoping that the matter would blow over.’
    • ‘That city would be a good place to fade off into the sunset after this whole coup blew over.’
    • ‘Anyhow, we're sure all this nonsense will blow over soon enough.’
    abate, subside, settle down, drop away, drop off, lessen, ease, ease off, let up, diminish, fade, dwindle, slacken, recede, cool off, tail off, peter out, pass away, pass, die away, die down, die out, be forgotten, fizzle out, sink into oblivion, come to an end
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