Definition of blow one's (own) trumpet in US English:

blow one's (own) trumpet


  • Talk openly and boastfully about one's achievements.

    ‘he refused to blow his own trumpet and blushingly declined to speak’
    • ‘I'm not trying to blow my trumpet but it felt like the right thing to do…’
    • ‘But in the lead-up to the election she was happy to blow her trumpet over the achievements of her first term.’
    • ‘He would have been excused had he chosen to blow his trumpet a little, but that is not his style.’
    • ‘He seems to already be blowing his trumpet like he did the first time round.’
    • ‘It's perhaps not widely known because we don't always blow our trumpet.’
    • ‘Others blow their trumpet, but it's all pretty shallow.’
    • ‘A spokeswoman for the association added: ‘We just want to blow our trumpet a little, as we are getting things done, which proves that a joint voice really can make a difference.’’
    • ‘However, the company's new media division is clearly one area where Lawrence could quite easily blow his trumpet.’
    • ‘‘To blow our trumpet, because we are really confident about this, we believe we are the only company that has working IP telephony end-to-end,’ he said.’
    • ‘Similarly, even today there are some insignificant boisterous Christian groups who blow their trumpet and proselytise in an aggressive way.’
    boast, brag, sing one's own praises, show off, swank, congratulate oneself
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