Definition of blow a fuse in US English:

blow a fuse


  • 1Use too much power in an electrical circuit, causing a fuse to melt.

    • ‘Usually when you blow a fuse, you're immediately reminded that you never quite got around to buying a new package of fuses after you blew a fuse the last time.’
    • ‘When we blow a fuse we have to contact the landlord to restore the power.’
    • ‘Is it normal for it to blow a fuse so soon after I bought it?’
    • ‘If you continually blow a fuse when using a high-amperage appliance, you may need to change the rating of the fuse itself.’
    • ‘My running lights on my trailer continued to blow a fuse in my truck even when I increased the amps on the circuit from 10 to 20 amps.’
    • ‘Obviously one would not want to oversize a PS just so it could blow a fuse in case of component failure.’
    • ‘Or more likely, if you hit the high beam flasher and blow a fuse I guess you would maintain the low beam’
    • ‘If an electrical component short circuits it will blow a fuse in this box in most cases.’
    • ‘Every time you blow a fuse, you have to replace it with a new one.’
    • ‘However, if the draw does not create enough current to blow a fuse, than we have to find out which circuit it's in to fix it.’
    1. 1.1informal Lose one's temper.
      ‘it was only a suggestion—there's no need to blow a fuse’
      • ‘And sure, I broke two rotors, but I'm proud I maintained control enough to not blow a fuse!’
      • ‘Just when your plan starts coming together, there's no reason to blow a fuse, is there?’