Definition of blow-dry in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Arrange (the hair) into a particular style while drying it with a handheld dryer.

    • ‘He also advises against blow-drying your hair because this tends to inflate volume rather than reduce it.’
    • ‘It's amazing what blow-drying your hair can do for your self-esteem.’
    • ‘Also having a shower and washing and blow-drying my hair made me feel good.’
    • ‘While blow-drying your hair, use the brush to brush each layer to the opposite direction your hair usually goes to create volume.’
    • ‘Abbey showered and instead of blow-drying her hair, which would be washed and dried and totally restyled by her hair assistant, she pulled it up into a messy bun.’
    • ‘Heating up baked beans for the children's lunch, blow-drying her hair in the kitchen, she's going through the motions of an ordinary life.’
    • ‘If you're not up for spending extra time washing, conditioning, blow-drying and styling your hair, stick with above-the-shoulder locks.’
    • ‘She got up and took a hot shower and when she finished blow-drying her long brown hair she went down stairs.’
    • ‘Yesterday I was blow-drying my hair and felt a mysterious tug; I looked down to see her blissfully munching away.’
    • ‘I finished my shower and had put on a gold cobwebby shirt that flared at the sleeves and tight bellbottoms of the same color with heeled sandals and was blow-drying my hair.’
    • ‘If you're feeling a little bloated, blow-drying your hair at the roots can't hurt.’
    • ‘After my hair was free of tangles I took out my hair I took out my hair dryer and blow-dried my hair.’
    • ‘Janie was done blow-drying her hair and she took a seat on the bed, ‘I miss Nick.’’
    • ‘After blow-drying the hair, Bailey diagonally zigzag-parted the front half into sections.’
    • ‘I recommend setting the hair as opposed to blow-drying it.’
    • ‘I was just wearing a towel and was blow-drying my hair… he had been drinking.’
    • ‘Just ask any businesswoman running, in high heels, to make her plane after blow-drying her hair and putting on makeup for an hour.’
    • ‘She ran upstairs and began blow-drying her hair.’
    • ‘After running the de-frizzing cream through her hair, rinsing it out, and blow-drying her long, beautiful locks, Hallie ran over to her phone and quickly dialed the number that was so familiar to her.’
    • ‘After getting out and blow-drying her hair, she straight ironed it, making it pin straight.’
    1. 1.1as adjective blow-dried (of a person) well groomed, polished, and assured.
      • ‘He is a fitness buff who, according to detractors, looks like a blow-dried Ken doll.’
      • ‘Your windows now shimmer with that distinctive blow-dried - plastic-across-the-panes effect.’
      • ‘After looking at a hearty shepherd mix whose paw pads are cut up from digging in rubble and whose eyes have seen all manner of atrocity, it's kind of hard to respect a blow-dried and manicured Pomeranian.’
      • ‘And the circle of blow-dried Cotton Mathers that the president surrounds himself with sanction his cold sense of compassion.’
      • ‘Would it be wrong to say that it's a zoological collection of over-pampered, money-grubbing, blow-dried twits?’
      • ‘He has the slimy assurance, the gross patter about transcendence through art, of a blow-dried man selling swamp acres in Florida.’
      • ‘John and Jimmy even plead with the blow-dried anchorman at a local TV station to air a special report on Mikey.’
      • ‘Don't get the wrong impression, high-tech gadgets and blow-dried publicity photos are not part of his portfolio.’
      • ‘Yes, and I think it is a jab at the bob forehead, the blow-dried politician you get most of the time.’
      • ‘Even though he has broken a pledge to limit himself to two terms in the Senate, he still benefits from an image as the antithesis of a blow-dried, say-anything-for-a-vote politician.’
      • ‘The politician, boyish and trim at age 53, is known on Capitol Hill for his fitness regimen, not to mention his blow-dried look.’
      • ‘Though there are certainly some very fine investigative reporters left, they have become a rare breed, usually replaced by blow-dried blowhards who spend more time sucking up to power than challenging it.’
      • ‘You certainly can't call him another blow-dried anchor.’
      • ‘Flash forward 22 years, to a never-to-be-forgotten era of blow-dried hairstyles and guffaw-eliciting fashions.’
      • ‘Apart from a goatee beard and anachronistic blow-dried bouffant, he looks the same as ever, even after a 17-year absence.’
      • ‘He picks up a newspaper article that someone has dropped at his locker; the story is about a blow-dried guy who builds gaudy multimillion-dollar them, and then hustles like hell to sell them.’


  • An act of arranging the hair while drying it with a handheld dryer.

    • ‘Here, I can get a blow-dry with either Dino, the owner, or Lindsey for £20.’
    • ‘We know you're out there: hair-centric women who refuse to ruin a perfect blow-dry with a run in the rain, or risk hat head with a walk on a cold day.’
    • ‘To get a good blow-dry of your Shih Tzu's hair be especially systematic.’
    • ‘However, if you choose to travel further afield, to Ringsend for example, a woman's wash, cut and blow-dry will cost just £13.50 in one salon.’
    • ‘A basic cut went up 25%, as did the cost of a blow-dry.’
    • ‘It really makes a BIG difference to how your hair looks, plus you get a professional blow-dry.’
    • ‘So after a quick shower and blow-dry, Gloria threw on her Gucci knockoff, grabbed her bag of scripts and headed out the door.’
    • ‘He was never going to have to offer anyone a cut and blow-dry.’
    • ‘Ironically, to achieve great curls (unless you are born with them naturally), you must have a great straight blow-dry!’
    • ‘Once they are thoroughly dried with piles of thick towels, they are popped under the heat lamps to finish off their blow-dry.’
    • ‘Shave, haircut, fingernails, haircut and blow-dry, and not a molecule of detectable urine in the atmosphere.’
    • ‘A professional blow-dry can make you look like a million bucks - so hit the salon for a special night out or event (or just for a spirit lifter).’
    • ‘A shampoo, cut and blow-dry at the salon nearby, where a local pop star gets her hair done, comes to about $300.’
    • ‘Prices can be negotiated for the cut and blow-dry if any farmers are interested in giving the lamb that 2003 look.’
    • ‘The salon is full of surprises - not least of which is the best blow-dry in Ireland.’
    • ‘Thirty minutes and a blow-dry later and I bounded down the stairs in a pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt.’
    • ‘Do something different to your hair that morning… if it's normally wavy, get a good blow-dry and wear it straight.’
    • ‘My favorite part of getting my hair cut is the hot ironing after the blow-dry.’
    • ‘Carol, a retired telephonist, goes to the salon every week for a shampoo and blow-dry, three times a year for a perm, and for a cut when Sam says she needs one.’
    • ‘It would be casual, but with her manicured nails, shiny, sleek blow-dry and light but perfect make-up, she just looks maddeningly polished.’