Definition of bloody-mindedness in US English:



  • See bloody-minded

    • ‘In fact, bloody-mindedness is the most important weapon in a marathon runner's arsenal.’
    • ‘The channels of communication have broken down through intransigence, sheer bloody-mindedness and despair.’
    • ‘Britain in the early 1940s, dark, grimy, tired after years of a war visited on the population night after night, living on hope and prayer and the sheer bloody-mindedness of a people determined never to surrender.’
    • ‘Single-mindedness and determination are admired but shade into bloody-mindedness and obstinacy.’
    • ‘The choices we made - there's a lot of bloody-mindedness and shooting ourselves in the foot, but I think just the fact that we'll keep going, we'll see how far this can go, and not try and be like a proper band would be.’